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Florida’s hilarious ‘essential services’ loophole just opened the door for early UFC return

Thanks WWE!

Most states are locked down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which means those folks trapped living in Florida only have access to “essential services” like grocery stores and gas stations, as well as pharmacies and financial institutions, just to name a few.

Somehow World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was able to make the cut, allowing Vince McMahon and Co. the opportunity to resume live programming from its performance center in Orlando — just as long as the events remain closed to the public.

A spokesperson from Governor Ron DeSantis’ office told ESPN that professional wrestling was “critical to Florida’s economy” and therefore essential. That means Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has an opportunity to exploit the same loophole.

“The [Florida State Boxing Commission] is prepared to regulate a professional sports production that is planned and executed in accordance with the conditions of the essential service approvals issued by the State Coordinating Officer,” commission officials said in a statement to MMA Fighting.

UFC 249 was recently canned after attempts to stage the pay-per-view (PPV) card on tribal grounds in California caused a ruckus within the local government. It’s unlikely that Disney, parent company of ESPN, would green-light a Florida return so soon after using the cancellation to save face.

Especially with “Fight Island” already under construction.

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