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Colby Covington will be so good at pro wrestling, you’ll actually forget WWE is fake

UFC 245: Usman v Covington Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight contender, Colby Covington, is planning to make the transition to full-time professional wrestling at some point next year, and when he does, “Chaos” will legitimize pro wrestling to the point where most fans will forget it’s scripted entertainment.

“My thing is I want to go to WWE and make wrestling real again,” Covington told MMA Fighting. “I want people to get behind it and think that it’s real. You ain’t going off the top rope on me because I’ll take you out with a double leg, you ain’t gonna get up there. So I’m looking to go over to WWE and make wrestling real again in the near future. Until then I’m gonna be retiring all the old fogeys over here in the UFC.”

I think someone might want to explain to Covington that pro wrestling is scripted for a reason, which is the same reason why most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans boo when two athletes are rolling around on the ground and not really causing much damage.

“I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to make money,” Covington continued. “When I go over there I want to make Brink’s trucks loads of money. Everybody knows I do good business, I pull numbers, people want to see me, I’m entertaining, and people are divided on me. They hate me and they love me, but it’s all the same thing at the end of the day.”

Get a sample of his in-ring work right here.

Covington, 32, stands just 5’11” and will have a difficult time convincing fans, particularly the ungrateful ones, that he’s a legitimate threat to some of the top-shelf attractions in WWE. That includes the 6’8” Braun Strowman, who crushes the scale at 385 pounds.

No word yet on when Covington (15-2) will make his return to the Octagon or who his next opponent will be, but UFC President Dana White is all in favor of this potential showdown at some point later this year.

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