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Jon Jones did an impromptu Easter fan Q&A on Twitter

“Bones” took the time to send some Easter cheer to fans, and then stuck around when the haters came out of the woodwork.

This whole Coronavirus lockdown situation is boring enough to make anyone crazy. That’s why I cut Jon Jones some slack when it comes to his most recent aggravated DWI arrest (details). It’s obviously not good that the cops caught him drunk as all hell off Jorge Mazvidal’s mezcal with a fired off handgun, but I get it. I get how the world feels so fast yet so slow and so terrible and closed off that you feel the need to get out and just connect with other humans ... even if it’s random homeless people.

I imagine it’s that same need to connect to somebody, just anybody, drove Jones to Twitter tonight in what I can only celebrate as a healthier (?) outlet for his need to socialize. The UFC Light Heavyweight champion threw up a video showing his daughter learning some head movement drills from Pa G.O.A.T. He then followed that up by digging into his replies and chatting it up with his fans.

Jones updated us on his general quarantine status, saying he’s “Doing great man, just been enjoying discovering new hobbies and talents.” Because as they say, idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

As for how much he’d enjoy getting back to fighting? “Jabbing someone in the face again is going to be nice, just one more thing to look forward to!” he wrote.

There’s a bunch of general “Happy Easter to you, brother” stuff, and it’s all quite nice as far as pro sports athletes interacting with their fanbase. But there’s definitely a point where the haters catch on that Jones was interacting on Twitter and people started throwing jabs and disses his way.

Jones starts off light-hearted, then gets a bit sassy, then sounds a bit defeated at the relentless negativity he’s getting. And then someone asks him, “But don’t all of your actions reflect your character?”

”Yes, I guess my character gets too drunk when he drinks,” Jones says. “I’m not going to allow that to outweigh all the awesome things about myself. Some people only focus on what they want I guess. I focus on my good traits, that’s probably the reason why I thrive every year.”

Interesting seeing Jones respond directly to all this on social media. He’s clearly grown a thick skin through the years, to the point where he doesn’t mind wading through all the social media filth to share a connection with people on Twitter. Me? I think I’d choose the mezcal and homeless people.

UPDATED With more from Jones:

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