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Video: Yep, Anthony Smith’s home invader was a complete insane psychopath

Anthony “Lionheart” Smith has been getting some pretty ridiculous criticism lately for having a hard time subduing a crackhead home invader that broke into his house last week.

It’s the kind of garbage you expect to see all over Twitter, but Joe Rogan elevated it to podcast fodder when he and Brendan Schaub opined on it during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

”He (the intruder) was smaller than him,” Rogan said. “The guy was a hundred and seventy pounds and he took everything he could throw at him. Why didn’t he just choke him unconscious? Why didn’t he just choke the f**k out of him?”

Well, considering Smith thought the guy probably had a gun or knife or something on him, it makes sense he wasn’t eager to fall on top of him and try to use jiu-jitsu on him. I mean, that’s just me putting myself in Anthony’s shoes for half a second ... metaphorically because who is wearing shoes at 4 in the morning when a crazy person is in your house threatening the safety of you wife and kids.

And yeah, this person was crazy. Check out some footage of him roaming the neighborhood screaming like a banshee at the houses he wasn’t able to enter:

As if that wasn’t terrifying enough, consider this: the guy wasn’t just a random strung out drug addict doing anything he had to in order to score. He was also a freaking high school wrestling standout.

This all goes back to that adage of not picking fights because you never know who someone is. If Smith had assumed he’d be able to ragdoll Haberman like an inexperienced punk ... well, that may not have gone well for him. Unlike an MMA fight, you only have to end up in one bad position for someone to take you out with a weapon or the willingness to put his fingers deep into your eye sockets.

So before you criticize Anthony Smith for his inability to finish off a maniac with thirty seconds notice in the dark, not knowing what he’s on or what he’s carrying, use your brain and think that half-baked thought through to a few rational ends instead of just saying you woulda murkked em bruh.

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