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McGregor issues lengthy plea for Ireland to close all ports: ‘What are we really doing?’

UFC 246: McGregor v Cowboy Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Conor McGregor continues to place himself at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic in his home country of Ireland in hopes of limiting the coronavirus spread.

Not only has McGregor reached out to the people of Ireland to stress the importance of staying inside for self quarantine, but the former UFC champion has even taken direct shots at China for sending substandard COVID-19 supplies. “Notorious” has also provided a brief glimpse of his in-home training sessions as he prepares for his UFC return.

This week, McGregor is issuing his response to reports that U.K. travelers are flooding Ireland’s ferry ports amidst a country-wide lockdown to limit the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The term “pissing against the wind” comes to mind here, men and women. Without closure of our ports, air and sea (the birthplace of the spread into Ireland) what are we really doing? Lockdown? No. Afraid not,” wrote McGregor via Twitter.

McGregor also reached out to Irish political correspondent, Gavan Reilly, to express the importance of leaving no stone unturned.

“Ask of our airports as well as sea, @gavreilly. Not once has our airports (where the virus came from) been queried. We must have answers. We must see action. It is not too late! CLOSE OUR PORTS FOR ALL NON ESSENTIAL, IMMEDIATELY!!!” wrote McGregor via Twitter.

McGregor then went on a seven-post rant pleading for everyone to remain smart, stay inside, quarantine right now, and put a final stop to the spread.

“Thank you, @gavreilly. In response to An Taoiseach. People who have traveled to beach homes in advance of Easter, have not been asked, but told to stay put! Such is the danger of this virus. With heightened Garda presence to make sure of it.”

“The people you have quarantined with. It is not even safe to move with them. Your beach home or wherever you are MUST REMAIN YOUR HOME. You make the case for the severity of covid-19 by enforcing this, and our great public has abided, yet then in complete contrast to this.”

“You are allowing passengers enter in and out freely. Through both air and sea. It makes no sense. It is the equivalent of attempting to push and pull at the same time. Everyone, wherever they are, must remain where they are. Be it abroad. Or on soil.”

“Even moreso abroad! It is that simple. Nothing but essential supplies and personnel to come through. We need full closure of all our entrance channels. Everyone must remain put for the foreseeable future. Everyone is ready, and have been ready, to do this.”

“By leaving the airports open for general use, while restricting everything else, is without any disrespect, absurd. To do it one way yet leave another open, with the one being left open where the spread originated from, makes no viable sense.”

“If a holiday family home is a place people cannot leave and must now make their home, then so too must those aboard. Everyone must chip in here and make wherever they are, their home. 100% of our airports and ports must be closed. Essential medical supplies and personnel only.”

“I would say food maybe also but I dislike saying this for the most part. We have the best of everything here. We can produce, supply, and serve every need from this great island. In fact, food = no go also. For now. All ports must close. Medical supplies + medical personnel only.”

Hate him or love him, McGregor has put himself in the public eye in effort to help limit the dangerous effects of COVID-19. As the entire world is doing what it can to stave off the vicious virus, “Notorious” is looking out for his own. He may not be a big-time politician with incredible pull and power, but McGregor is one of the most popular athletes in the entire world and capable of reaching millions of people with one click of a button. It’s nice to see the former UFC champion using that power when it’s needed most.

What say you, Maniacs? Do you think McGregor’s continued outreach is playing a positive role in Ireland’s battle against COVID-19?

Sound off!

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