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Two Point Deduction podcast (Ep. 5): UFC 248 preview (and UFC is WWE)

The Two Point Deduction Podcast returns with an episode that will most likely piss most people off.

Matt talks about UFC 248 and how the UFC needs to go international to get stars, which may hurt their “casual” U.S. audiences. Matt also talks about how MMA and Pro Wrestling are the exact same thing and how you need to shut up about it being different. If you wanted to like him at all, he may lose you on his plan to save Monday Night Football and make the UFC a bigger business at the box office.

Stephanie Sottile joins Matt for another round of Science vs. Probability as they predict the fights for UFC 248. Steph is also joined by her comedy partner Harry Terjanian for the first edition of “Fights For Plugs” where the sketch comedy duo are forced to watch Yoshihiro Takayama and Don Frye’s classic PRIDE Brawl.


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