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Tyron Woodley will move on from Colby Covington for good if he doesn’t accept the fight ASAP

UFC Seasonal Press Conference Photo by Carmen Mandato/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

After Tyron Woodley’s fight against Leon Edwards — which was set to go down earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 171 in London, England — was canceled due to COVID-19, Woodley shifted his attention elsewhere.

Now, “The Chosen One” is looking for a fight against Colby Covington in an attempt to settle their heated rivalry, which dates back quite a few years. After a few missed opportunities to get the fight going, Woodley says the window of opportunity for “Chaos” to fight him is closing.

In fact, if Covington doesn’t fight him next, the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion says he is moving on ... for good.

“This is my last time saying I want to fight Colby,” Woodley said during an Instagram Q&A (via MMA Fighting). “If Colby don’t fight me this time, I’m moving on. Like think about it, why am I even talking about fighting Colby? He’s never won an undisputed title, he’s never been a champion. I’ve won five world titles. I’ve fought in seven [title fights]. For me to even have his name in my mouth is stupid. This sh*t is mucus. I should just spit it out in the grass.”

Edwards didn’t think too much of Woodley’s sudden interest in Covington, saying that he still has next dibs against the former champion. And if Covington doesn’t sign on the dotted line, he may be right.

“But at the end of the day, this is his last opportunity for me to even mention him. If he don’t fight me at this time, you’re never even going to hear his name, cause it doesn’t solidify my legacy to fight him. I just want to beat his ass cause y’all need to see him get whooped.”

Woodley recently expressed interest in saving UFC 249 by taking on Covington on April 18, 2020, but was not taken up on the offer by UFC officials. Furthermore, “Chaos” is keen on getting a rematch with division king, Kamaru Usman, at UFC 252 on July 11, 2020.

Assuming Jorge Masvidal prices himself out of the title fight, of course.

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