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Defense attorney believes 2012 DUI, COVID-19 could greatly affect Jon Jones DWI case

Jon Jones has a long road ahead of him after being arrested for DWI earlier this week in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is not the first time Jones has had issues with law enforcement so he may very well receive a harsher punishment this time around.

In fact, according to veteran defense attorneys (via MMA Fighting), Jones could end up serving jail time due to his previous DUI charge from 2012. The UFC light heavyweight champion would be charged as a second-time offender and receive a mandatory 90-day jail sentence with the possibility of one year in jail.

“It allows the prosecutor to make a strong argument, look how many opportunities he’s had to modify his behavior, and look how every time he’s been given an opportunity, he thumbs his nose and does what he pleases,” criminal defense specialist David Serna told MMA Fighting.

Jones, 32, does not have the greatest track record when it comes to the law. In addition to his 2012 DUI, Jones piled on a felony hit-and-run back in 2015 and a disorderly conduct charge last year after allegedly assaulting a nightclub waitress. Not to mention the multiple failed drug tests Jones has accrued under the UFC banner.

“I would think that the judge would probably give the guy some time, because the judge would look at the prior history and see the guy has been given break after break and may say now’s the time you’re going to be held accountable,” Serna said.

While Jones will have to answer for his most recent DWI arrest at some point in time it may not come soon. That’s because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has already backed up the local court system as officials try to limit additional exposure to the highly-contagious virus. The delay will most certainly trickle down to Jones and may end up helping his case overall.

“You have certain rules that have to be adhered to if it stays a misdemeanor,” said defense attorney Erlinda Johnson. “If he isn’t brought to trail by a certain time, his case could potentially be dismissed. If the state doesn’t produce the witnesses, or the officers because they’re being used for the more pressing national health matters, there are a lot of different issues litigating the case.”

There are a variety of ways this could end for Jones, but it would be very surprising to see these current misdemeanor charges thrown out given his criminal history. Fight fans will simply have to take a wait and see approach at this point, which seems to be the norm for these Jon Jones cases.

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