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Chael Sonnen believes police ‘humiliated’ Jones during recent DWI arrest

Jon Jones is in a heap of trouble after being arrested for DWI earlier this week, but that hasn’t stopped some of his fellow MMA stars from reaching out with support.

While Jones is completely responsible for his decision to drink and operate a motor vehicle, Chael Sonnen believes the UFC light heavyweight champion was “humiliated” by police during the arrest. Sonnen’s assessment comes after body cam footage was released yesterday showing a 13-minute car stop in which Jones was subjected to multiple tests despite admitting he had been drinking before driving.

Sonnen, who has been very critical of Jones in the past, held nothing back when discussing the released body cam footage and the actions of the police in charge. In a recent interview with TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter (shown below), Sonnen details what he took from Jones’ recent DWI arrest.

“So I watched that body cam and I don’t want to get into the legal stuff on this, but I thought that they kind of embarrassed him a little bit,” said Sonnen. “There might be reasons why you have to do that I’m not weighing in too much, but they asked him straight up, ‘Have you been drinking?’ And he responded yes.

“It seemed like the next 13 minutes was kind of humiliating the guy who already copped to it. That’s not wonderful. This is a bad thing he’s going through, but my sense of it was Jon told the truth three seconds in. What are we doing here?”

“In Jon’s defense, no matter how limited, they asked Jon a question and Jon told the truth,” added Sonnen.

All of that said, Sonnen still believes that Jones should do everything in his power to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car in the future. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports (shown below), Sonnen suggests Jones’ troubles will go away if “he would just get the Uber app.”

“Man I gotta tell ya, it just seems like if he would just get the Uber app, it just seems like so many of his problems would go away,” said Sonnen.

”I sit back like anybody else and read, Jon and I don’t have the best relationship, but I’ve known Jon for a number of years, I’ve competed with Jon, I’ve done stuff with Jon. But I observe Jon, more than anything I can observe him from the outside. And I’ll just tell you, it would just seem like if he didn’t just get behind the wheel.

”So many of his problems, which are self-inflicted by the way, would not exist.”

Regardless of what is shown in the body cam footage and whether or not police took unnecessary time evaluating Jones’ condition, the UFC champion once again has a long road ahead of him. It is unknown at this time how Jones’ recent arrest will affect his current reign atop the UFC’s 205-pound division, but some are already planning on him being stripped.

What say you, Maniacs? Is Sonnen’s assessment of the body cam footage accurate? Was Jones humiliated by police?

Let’s hear it!

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