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UFC issues statement on Jon Jones’ latest DWI arrest

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, was arrested earlier this morning (Thurs., March 26, 2020) in Albuquerque, N.M., for allegedly Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), negligent use of a firearm, as well as possession of an open container.

And now, UFC has issued a statement regarding Jones’ latest brush with the law (via MMA Fighting).

“UFC is aware of the situation regarding Jon Jones in Albuquerque early this morning. The organization has been in contact with Jones’ management team and is currently gathering additional information.”

Police responded to shots fired around 1 a.m. this morning, only to find “Bones” in his car with the engine running. Upon searching his vehicle, officers found a black handgun under his seat, as well as an open bottle of mezcal.

This one, to be exact.

On the scene, Jones failed two breathalyzers test, testing two times above the legal limit; however, he did deny discharging his weapon. The Gun Violence Reduction Unit will now test the firearm to see if it has been used in any crimes in the past.

“Bones” was eventually released from custody, but is due back in court on April 8, 2020, for a bond arraignment hearing.

As far how UFC handles Jones’ latest brush with Johnny Law, that remains to be seen as there will be a full investigation by the Albuquerque Police Department in the coming days. Still, it seems “Bones” simply can’t get out of his own way, accumulating a laundry list of legal problems over the years that have cast a dark cloud over his mixed martial arts (MMA) legacy.