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Pic: Jon Jones mugshot following latest arrest in Albuquerque

For a guy who is without question in a shitload of trouble, Jon Jones doesn’t appear to be rattled in his latest mugshot. Probably because the UFC light heavyweight champion is no stranger to the legal system, having been arrested multiple times in the past.

So much for that redemption tour.

Jones was arrested in Albuquerque on Thursday and charged with aggravated DWI after failing a breathalyzer, as well as negligent use of a firearm and possession of an open container. He was released from custody earlier this morning.

“As long as you make a mistake and learn from it,” Coach Greg Jackson told reporters after Jones was popped for DUI back in 2012. “I hope people give him a lot of lattitude, because people make mistakes, and as long as he’s trying to take those positive steps and do the right thing, I think we should all respect that and support him.”

Jones, 32, was last seen capturing a narrow decision victory over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 back in February.

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