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Low-risk Dana White dares coronavirus to infect him, compares self-quarantine to ‘hiding from cancer’

Most of the population is suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to those folks who are currently battling the COVID-19 illness, the government shutdown and self-quarantine rules have forced a lot of people out of work, placing economic hardship on families around the world.

UFC President Dana White, however, is having a grand old time.

“My house was built for quarantine; we’re having a blast over here,” White told Yahoo! Sports. “I’m spending incredible time with my kids and family. I’m doing two, three-a-day workouts over here. We’re doing things that we haven’t done with the kids since they were little. I can do this forever if that’s what everybody wants to do.”

Since most people aren’t millionaires living in tech-savvy mansions, staying at home indefinitely is not really an option, which is why the current travel restrictions have been put in place. The idea is to “flatten the curve” now and prevent the spread of the disease later.

White, however, is ready to face this thing head on.

“It’s like hiding from cancer,” White said. “You can’t hide from this thing. If you are a high-risk person, this thing’s going to get you. What’s gonna happen next flu season? This thing’s just gonna disappear? No, it’s gonna come back just like the flu. If the coronavirus is what’s gonna get me, let’s do it. Bring it. I’m ready corona, come get me.”

Perhaps White should take a page from the Conor McGregor playbook.

The Las Vegas fight boss will be forced to leave his “Sin City” compound at some point over the next two weeks to help stage the UFC 249 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is scheduled for April 18 at a city and venue to be determined.

Because you can't run from your destiny, I guess.

“I don’t think I’m a high-risk guy for this thing, and if I’m wrong, then the corona is going to get me,” White continued. “It is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’m not going to refuse to live my life. I’m not going to hide. Whether you’re a coronavirus expert or not, it’s like hiding from cancer. You can’t hide from this thing. If you are a high-risk person, this thing’s going to get you.”

To date, coronavirus has infected 439,763 and killed 19,744.

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