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Jorge Masvidal defies new ATT teammate trash talking policy - ‘F*ck crotch-sniffing Colby Covington!’

In a gym policy that is a first of its kind — at least that we know of — American Top Team (ATT) recently implemented a rule that forbids teammates from trashing one another in the media.

”I don’t think there are options – it’s an absolute zero-tolerance policy. If you do it and you break it, go somewhere else. People come, people go – no individual is bigger than the team, and the fact of the matter is, the team’s going to be here 30 years from now, still doing the same thing when certain individuals are long gone,” said Dan Lambert about the policy.

“We’re going to set up something that’s best for the environment in the gym and for the people in the gym today and tomorrow.”

Jorge Masvidal, however, defied the policy based on a loophole, saying he can talk as much trash as he wants about Colby Covington since “Chaos” isn’t actually a real fighter in his eyes.

“Fuck coby. The most fragile most sensitive guy in ufc history. Can’t kick me out cause this rule was for fighters only,” he said on social media. “Not crotch sniffers that get their jaw broken by other crotch sniffers. American Top Team we all know that dude is no fighter.”

Masvidal and Covignton were once close friends, but things went south in a hurry between the two men last year. Since then, the two talented 170-pounders have bashed each other any chance they get. While a fight between the two would be a box office hit, it doesn’t seem to be on the horizon anytime soon.

Mavidal is currently in line to face division champion, Kamaru Usman, which is currently linked to go down at UFC 252 on July 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covington, meanwhile, says he will be the one to rematch “The Nigerian Nightmare” after Masvidal prices himself out of the championship bout.

Time will tell, I suppose.

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