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UFC fighters unite to defeat COVID-19 quarantine boredom by singing ‘Face The Pain’

So it’s been a pretty bad couple of weeks for the world as the Coronavirus graduated from hoax to overhyped panic to deadly disease with terrifying speed. The economy looks like it’s in the process of being burned down, some of our governments are spraying it with a water pistol, and Dana White isn’t even allowed to keep running renegade UFC events out of his gym in Las Vegas.

Maybe what we need is celebrities to cool our hot hearts with a fresh island song? No, not Gal Gadot and her pals singing John Lennon’s Imagine, an act that backfired horribly as low wage workers with no health care, sick leave, and immuno-compromised family members raged at the empty sentiment. Perhaps a more unifying touch would be to include some blue collar celebrities in the mix, and what sport has more blue collar participants than mixed martial arts?

MMA Fighting went ahead and put together their own Imagine style video, but with UFC fighters singing Stemm’s Face The Pain, our most beloved anthem (after the PRIDE opening theme, but that has no words so I’ll let it slide).

This may not unify the world or even the MMA scene, but it might give you a little chuckle, and that’s not insignificant at the moment.

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