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Alexander Volkanovski wants Holloway rematch so people start giving him the respect he deserves

The new Australian champ has been hot and cold regarding an immediate rematch with Max Holloway, but now sees it as a gateway to featherweight GOAT status.

Max Holloway v Alexander Volkanovski Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Alexander Volkanovski surprised a ton of people back in December of 2019 when he managed to take the featherweight belt off betting favorite Max Holloway at UFC 245. But don’t count the “Blessed” era over just yet. Because of Holloway’s powerful championship run (he’s been holding gold since picking up the interim 145 pound belt four years ago) and the somewhat close nature of his loss to Volkanovski, the UFC is looking to set up an immediate rematch.

Having to beat such a dominant champion twice never seems particularly fair to new champs, but keep in mind that’s what Holloway had to pull off when he took the belt off Jose Aldo. And it sounds like Volkanovski is actually looking forward to fighting Max again and cementing his place as a worthy title holder.

”I want that fight ‘cuz there’s no clear #1 contenders, and I just think that he’s a great champion,” Volkanovski told TMZ Sports. “And, for me, the biggest fight in my career right now to solidify myself as the best featherweight of all time and one of the greatest of all time. I go and take out Max twice in his prime, people are gonna give me the respect I deserve.”

”And again, I want to fight again soon, and in Perth. I don’t want to wait around until there’s a clear #1 contender.I think Max does deserve it, he was a great champion. The UFC wants it. Australian fans want it. And I think everyone else wants that. So I expect it will happen. Nothing’s done yet, we haven’t even had the talks. I just got cleared so some people are asking is it too soon to get back in. But I don’t want to sit on the sidelines too long and I want to defend in Australia.”

”That Perth card is on June 6th, we’re going to make it happen I reckon.”

Volkanovski had a cordial but firm message for Holloway to end off the interview.

”I got nothing but respect, you’re the man and you’re well loved because of that,” he said. “And I feel I’m the same way, both respectable. But! You really want this fight? I just done a five rounds and I guarantee you it ain’t gonna change. I’m either finishing it or winning the exact same way. I know you’re durable, but I reckon I can put you away, baby.”

What do you think, Maniacs? Can “Alexander The Great” beat Max Holloway again, or is “Blessed” going to show up for their inevitable rematch more prepared than ever?

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