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Michael Bisping slams ‘embarrassments’ panicking over coronavirus — ‘Get a (expletive) grip!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was forced to postpone three of its upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) events as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which means “Fight Night” analyst Michael Bisping has nothing to do but sit home and complain.

This week’s rant comes against the consumers who find it necessary to stockpile pallets of bulk toilet paper, as if the spread of COVID-19 will somehow wipe out the world’s supply of virgin tree pulp.

“Get some self respect please,” Bisping wrote on Instagram. “Respect this virus, of course. Employ social distancing, wash hands and remain six feet away from one another. The ladies at the top would of had their loved ones at war, cities being destroyed, millions of lives lost and still handled themselves with class. The embarrassments at the bottom are literally fighting over unnecessary toilet rolls and hand sanitizers. Get a fucking grip!”

As of this writing, coronavirus has infected 215,177 and killed 8,885, though some territories have underreported due to inadequate testing supplies. That’s bad news for the industries hoping to quickly bounce back after being locked down as a preventive measure.

UFC, on the other hand, continues to look for ways to exploit the system, even if that means shipping its next major pay-per-view (PPV) overseas to places like Dubai. Unless, of course, fighters like Randa Markos find themselves quarantined for illness.

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