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Best UFC/MMA fights of all time: Introducing Mania’s March MMAdness tournament

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It’s become abundantly clear that aside from impromptu brawls over toilet paper, we’re not getting our violence fix for a while. Worse, there’s not even March Madness, meaning we can’t fill the voids in our hearts with scholastic jingoism and gambling.

We at, however, have dug through the avocado of despair to find a pit of opportunity: we’ll make our own March Madness to determine the best UFC/MMA fight of all time. Unfortunately, blackjack and hookers weren’t in the budget, but we managed to kludge something together anyway.

I used Tapology’s current rankings for the seedings (see them here), with a pair of executive veto substitutions replacing Bob Sapp vs. Minotauro Nogueira and Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber 2 with two under-appreciated gems in Jorge Santiago vs. Kazuo Misaki 2 and Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice.

Without further ado ... DRUMROLL PUH-LEASE ... I give you MARCH MMADNESS 2020:

I initially wanted to do knockouts instead of fights so I could call it “Starch Madness,” but plans changed. We will table perhaps table that until 2021 or the next pandemic, whichever comes first.

So here’s how it works: for today, consider the bracket, refresh your memories, and get your votes ready. Tomorrow, we open up the polls for the first four fight match ups. Then, 24 hours later, we share the results and give you the next four ... so on and etcetera.

We’ll do our best to provide video of each fight — UFC tends to be pretty good about putting its more legendary tussles on YouTube or other public media, so we should be able to get most of them. For the rest, well, might as well use that Fight Pass subscription for something.

Stop by tomorrow to chime in on the first quartet, and don’t be afraid to get passionate in the comments to support your picks and sway the uncertain. Just, you know, don’t go that far — stay six feet apart at all times.