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‘Stylebender’ fans crapping their pants after learning Paulo Costa-Logan Paul KO was only 70-percent power

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender, Paulo Costa, is expected to fight reigning 185-pound kingpin, Israel Adesanya, at one of the promotion's upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) events later this summer.

So why are “Last Stylebender” fans crapping their pants?

Because “The Eraser” rubbed out YouTube star Logan Paul with one devastating punch. While that by itself may not be enough to rattle anyone’s cage, it was later revealed that Costa was only operating at 70-percent capacity after coming off biceps surgery.

“Not 100-percent because that was my first sparring after my surgery,” Costa told MMA Fighting. “But I don’t take it easy with him. Like 80-percent, 70-percent, something like that. He’s very good, he surprised me because he has good skills in boxing and better skills in wrestling. He’s very good. Maybe he make some MMA fight in the future. I think MMA would be better for him because he has good wrestling fundamentals.”

Paul was a standout wrestler in high school and able to hold his own when the action went to the floor; however, his chin did not hold up against the Brazilian’s bombs, reinforcing claims from UFC President Dana White that Paul would get “murdered” in UFC.

Didn’t seem to stop him from signing CM Punk, but whatever.

No date or venue has been announced for Adesanya-Costa as of yet and it may take a few weeks for the promotion to make any future plans, now that coronavirus has put an end to large public gatherings for the foreseeable future.

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