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Tyron Woodley: ‘I’m fighting Saturday ... Colby Covington is my No. 1 choice’

As UFC scrambles to piece its main event back together for March 21, 2020, Tyron Woodley confirms he’s still fighting and wants none other than Colby Covington as his opponent.

COVID-19 continues to spread across Europe and America as governments implement increasingly harsh measures to try and clamp down on the virus. That’s resulted in the United Kingdom canceling all upcoming sporting events, including UFC: “London” card on March 21, 2020. But, UFC President Dana White is insistent that an event will go on ... and he’s pulling out all the stops to make it happen.

The show must go on, but in what shape or form is a real question right now. Many of the show’s original fights have been canceled, including the main event between Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards. But, White still has half of his headline bout ready to fight in Woodley, who held a live stream on Instagram to confirm his desire to compete.

”Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I am fighting Saturday,” Woodley declared. “Appreciate you fans. I’m fighting Saturday. Who I’m fighting, I don’t know. I was willing to go to London, actually I was supposed to be flying out today in four hours to go to London. Only one of my cornermen was going to make it and that’s it and my videographer and homey ... those were the only two who were gonna corner me. I was gonna go out there with two people into an empty arena, I don’t give a f**k. I’ve been training, I’m in pure murder mode.”

”There’s so many fighters ... ‘Any time, any place, any where’ ... until it’s f**king me. Where’s Nate and Nick Diaz? Where’s Cowboy Cerrone? Where’s Conor McGregor? Where are these fighters? Where’s Colby Covington? F**k, where’s Usman at? I don’t want to fight people that don’t make sense. I’m not in here to give somebody else a name. I’m not here for somebody, ‘This is my one and only chance to get to the top!’”

“I was a five time world f**king champion, don’t forget it. I hate to have to remind people. I am geared for f**king war.”

As for who he’d face? Fresh off his UFC Brasilia win over Demian Maia, Gilbert Burns says he’s ready to go. But another more tantalizing option exists: Colby Covington. “Chaos” was on Twitter earlier and seemed up for the bout.

And while Woodley is definitely interested, he made it clear he doubts Covington is serious about fighting.

”There’s a lotta people out there that are just straight clout chasing, attention seeking bitches,” Woodley said. “Colby, you a bitch. Don’t ever open your f**king mouth ... He put all this s**t on the internet about him wanting to fight me and I said yes immediately. That’s the fight that made the most sense anyway. That’s the fight I was supposed to get before Leon Edwards and they said he couldn’t fight because of his jaw. The second they booked the fight with me and Leon, now all of a sudden his jaw is healthy, he can fight. He a bitch, he want attention, he dodged me four f**king times so I didn’t even want to talk about Colby, he’s a f**king bitch, he scared.”

”Colby Covington is my number one choice,” he continued. “My number one choice. If I can fight him, Lord, there is a heaven above. When they try to make things for my evil, they make things for my good. This will be my delight. Go on his page and call him out. He’ll probably deactivate his account cuz he a little hoe. Call him out: ‘You talked all that s**t. Tyron Woodley said let’s go.’ You want to fight this weekend? You wanna fight in Oregon, Florida, wherever you wanna fight? Let’s do it. Since you all ‘anybody, everybody, all the time.’ Get on his s**t, get on his line, tell him to fight me and quit being a little bitch.”

”So Colby Covington, wherever the f**k you at: you a bitch, you a hoe, you a clout chaser, you don’t wanna fight for real, you wanna fake like you wanna fight. And now I’m gonna call your ass out. I let you rattle your mouth cuz you knew I wasn’t going to say nothing, I wouldn’t give you attention. But now it’s time to go.”

While everything is still up in the air in these wild times, Covington is reportedly still in the mix as an actual possibility, per Ariel Helwani. Also offering up their services: Rafael dos Anjos, who confirmed he could make 171 pounds by Friday.

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