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UFC Fight Night 170 results: Charles Oliveira submits Kevin Lee with guillotine choke

Kevin Lee and Charles Oliveira faced each other in a Lightweight clash tonight (Sat., March 14, 2020) at UFC Fight Night 170, which took place inside Ginasio Nilson Nelson in Brasilia, Brazil. After a very competitive fight, Oliveira found a guillotine choke.

Oliveira opens with a jump kick and left hook. Oliveira chops the lead leg then scores a front kick to the jaw. Lee lands a 1-2, eats a jab. Hard low kick connects for Oliveira. The two trade crisp right hands. Oliveira lands a jab-low kick, Lee counters with a body shot. Oliveira attempts a takedown but winds up on his back. Immediately, he transitions to a heel hook. After a scramble, Lee lands in top position. Oliveira goes back to the leg, briefly attempts a calf-slicer. Still, Lee maintains top position. Oliveira throws up a full triangle, but Lee counters and nearly takes the back. Oliveira threatens a sweep, but Lee powers back into full guard. Lee lands a trio of heavy punches from above Oliveira. Lee finishes the round with elbows from within the guard.

Oliveira begins the second round with a spinning back fist that is blocked. Lee lands a right hand, absorbs a spin kick. Lee connects with a hard right hand, eats a heavy low kick. Another strong right from Lee. Strong left hook from Oliveira. Two punch combination scores for the Brazilian. Uppercut-cross scores for Oliveira. Oliveira is really putting huge pressure on Lee, throwing punches in bunches. Another uppercut connects for Oliveira. Lee stops the onslaught with a double leg takedown. Oliveira quickly attacks with an armbar, transitions to an omoplata, and then briefly to a triangle. Lee is able to escape the submissions, and he takes top position. Oliveira relaxes from his back, letting Lee remain in top position with neither man doing much. Oliveira briefly threatens a leg lock near the bell.

Oliveira throws a jump kick to start the third. Lee lands a glancing high kick himself, then a 1-2. Snap kick to the belly lands from Oliveira, and Lee ducks into a double leg takedown. Oliveira immediately snatches up the guillotine choke, forcing “MoTown Phenom” to tap quickly.

This fight really lived up to expectations, as the two trade huge power shots on the feet and scrambled quite a bit on the mat. It was very fun, but Oliveira consistently landed the more damaging blows and threatened Lee with submissions until one finally landed.

Result: Charles Oliveira defeats Kevin Lee via submission

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