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Video: Crazed mob storms cage, attacks MMA referee following botched submission

If the coronavirus doesn’t kill you, a Russian mob will.

Since most athletic commissions avoid meddling with the decisions of in-cage referees, who are forced to make discretionary calls in the heat of the moment, a horde of unhappy spectators opted to take matters into their own hands.

Such is life in Cherkessk.

That’s where the ACA Young Eagles 12 event took place last weekend in Russia, with Dzhaddal Alikbekov capturing a controversial submission win over Alim Gugov. Shortly after Alikbekov’s hand was raised, the shit hit the proverbial fan.

“I was welcoming guests and didn’t watch the fight,” ACA Young Eagles president Ruslan Kahmzaev told RT Sport (via Bloody Elbow). “A refereeing error might have occurred, but it should have been challenged calmly. We have specially appointed people who can review the referee’s actions. We don’t need obnoxious behavior here.”

Agreed. Save that death and dishonor crap for the impressionable youth at Akhmat Fight Club.

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