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Staph Attack? Video of Israel Adesanya has fans worried about UFC 248 champion’s health

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Take a look at this recent video of Israel Adesanya, which shows something on the arm of “Stylebender” that looks suspiciously like it could be a staph infection.

We’re mere days away from UFC 248 and with it a momentous clash between rising star and UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and one Yoel Romero, widely recognized as the scariest dude in the 185-pound division. Endless promos have hammered it into our heads that Romero is forged from pure steel and every fight against him costs his competitors several years off their lifespans. But not only was Adesanya willing to face Romero, he demanded it in the name of his legacy!

Never say that “Stylebender” isn’t up to a tough challenge.

That challenge may be augmented even further in its difficulty if the latest breathless speculation on the interwebs turns out to be true. Twitter user FullContactMTWF shares with us a clip from a recent video with Israel Adesanya where he reveals a worrisome looking lump / cut / rash on his forearm. Take a look:

Is it staph? Hard to tell considering the garbage video quality Twitter tends to serve up. Here’s the original Combat TV interview uploaded on Feb. 29, 2020:

And now, screenshots:

YouTube - Combat TV
YouTube - CombatTV

Don’t expect a straight answer from Team Adesanya until after the fight ... for better or worse. Looks like it could be staph, but who knows. If it is, it could be minor, it could be major, it could be at its start or already wrapping up. It may just be mat rash or a cut or an innocent bump or ANYTHING.

If it is staph, it seems like UFC and Nevada Athletic Commission are pretty comfortable letting fighters compete anyway so we wouldn’t worry about the fight being canceled by officials. But the antibiotics required to treat it are notorious for sapping energy. That certainly won’t help Adesanya handle the beefy train coming his way in the form of Yoel Romero. It would, on the other hand, make a win for Adesanya all the more impressive.