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After dominant victory at UFC 247, Valentina Shevchenko shares her 125 pound hit list

The women’s flyweight champion wants to continue stacking up title defenses until she clears out her division. Here’s who she has her eye on.

In a night marred with judging controversy, women’s flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko kept things from heading to the scorecards in her third 125 pound title defense against Katlyn Chookagian. The Kyrgyzstani hit Chookagian with a series of increasingly violent kicks as the fight continued until Chookagian almost seemed grateful to be taken down in the third round ... only to find herself in the crucifix position getting pounded out by Valentina.

It was a dominant performance from Shevchenko that had some questioning whether there was anyone left in her division to challenge her. But in an age where everyone seems intent on becoming the next champ-champ, Shevchenko sounds more interested in just racking up as many defenses of her belt as possible. And she’s got ideas as to who else she may take on down the line.

”The first girls in the ranking, we just saw,” Shevchenkco said. “So names ... Jojo Calderwood, it’s Jennifer Maia, Roxanne Modafferi, all these three girls are very strong, very talented, and I think they are deserving of a chance.”

But after the whupping she put on #1 ranked Chookagian, is there that much interest in seeing her fight the #3, #4, #5 ranked fighters in her division? What about superfights! What about a third bout against women’s bantamweight champ and female GOAT Amanda Nunes?

”The time is going to come for this fight fight, for a third fight against Amanda [Nunes],” Shevchenko told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter. “Because I totally agree: last fight I never lost, totally incorrect decision. ... I think we have to see the conditions first. Because if it’s going to be a superfight, it has to have super conditions.”

”Anything can happen so I never say ‘I will not do it, never,’ or ‘I will do it some day,’” she told BT Sports. “I don’t know. I just think to defend my belt in flyweight weight class and what’s going to come in the future? I will just accept it and take it. I think if we are thinking about Amanda [Nunes], the fight will gonna happen sometime. I don’t know when, I don’t know where, but it’s going to happen.”

“About Weili [Zhang], it’s unclear if we consider for other girls in her weightclass, it’s like jumping over their head and I think it’s not right. She’s a good fighter, I’m ready to fight her. But to make a superfight is completely unfair. Nuh uh.”

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you excited to see Valentina Shevchenko continue to clean out the women’s flyweight division?

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