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Dana White doesn’t rip apart his fighters like Stephen A. Smith — ‘You don’t see that in UFC’

Instead, he rips them apart like Dana F. White.

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, is distancing himself from ESPN mouthpiece Stephen A. Smith, after the outspoken sports personality shredded Donald Cerrone for how easily “Cowboy” folded against Conor McGregor at UFC 246.

So much for that overdue apology.

Fortunately for mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, Smith is the exception and not the rule. In fact, White and his band of merry men were fight fans before they were fight executives, which is why they hold their talent in the highest esteem.

Even a “jackass” like this guy.

“I didn’t hear what he said,” White told MMA Junkie. “I know that there was some stuff going back and forth which is gonna happen. The last thing you want to do is hear somebody ripping them apart. I’m not into it. Rogan’s not into it. You don’t see that in the UFC. There will be times where I’m pissed off at a guy, and I’ll voice my opinion on what he did or whatever – or if a fight is really bad or somebody did something - but what we don’t do is, when a fight is over and a guy loses, we don’t go in and rip them apart. For Stephen A. Smith, that’s his thing. That’s what he does.”

Much to the chagrin of Conor McGregor.

I’m really not sure why anyone has an issue with Stephen A. Smith or any of the other professional loudmouths who poke fun of UFC because it’s a byproduct of going mainstream. If you want to have everyone’s attention then you get ... everyone.

Even the trolls.

Or you can go back to the old days when no one outside of the MMA bubble cared about what happened to UFC fighters, unqualified nobodies like myself were credentialed media members, and sponsorships were relegated to TapouT t-shirts.

No thanks.

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