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Alexander Hernandez is suddenly limp on 'Cowboy' rematch after watching him 'quit' against Conor McGregor

Donald Cerrone doesn’t really care if you’re stupid enough to think he took a dive against Conor McGregor at UFC 246 after suffering a 40-second knockout defeat. That’s because according to the longtime veteran, he gave it all he had against "Notorious," he simply lost to a better man that night.

He did not, however, suffer any broken bones.

Still, there are some who are a bit disappointed and downright angry — this man included — that "Cowboy" didn't put up a better fight. Among them is Alexander Hernandez, who tells ESPN's Marc Raimondi it was disappointing to see Cerrone "quit" against McGregor, while he looked like a man possessed during their own scrap a year ago.

As a result, "The Great" lost any interest he had in pursuing a rematch.

"That performance made me flaccid. I had this hard on, and this vindictive mind that I was going to come and conquer and slaughter 'Cowboy,' get my revenge. And it was all out of respect because he is who he is and he beat me,” said Hernandez.

“And so for me, I had this vendetta and I had to go get it. After watching that performance, the erection that I had every morning with vengeance in mind just fizzled in the air. I don’t want anything to do with him, anything to do with that fight.”

While he’s not completely discrediting McGregor for what he did inside the Octagon, Hernandez is focusing more on Cerrone’s lack of effort, especially since he was on the receiving end of one of “Cowboy’s” better performances just 12 months prior, losing to him via technical knockout (see it).

"I watched that fight and McGregor did something special but he (Cerrone) quit. You're going to give me that shit and you're going to fucking quit? You're going to give me that performance and give McGregor, whatever the fuck that was?” added Hernandez.

"It's like, I kind of was (angry). But that's the guy that showed up. That's the thing about 'Cowboy,' sometimes he shows up and sometimes he doesn't. I definitely lost the lust for that fight after that performance."

Since their fight, Cerrone has gone on to compete four times, going 1-3, while Hernandez has only competed once, getting back in the win column against Francisco Trinaldo last July in San Antonio, Texas.

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