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Female MMA champ has advice for women in Gervonta Davis-type situation: ‘Go for a nutshot right away’

Because “sweep the leg” only works in the movies.

I once took a Wiffle Ball to the pills and doubled over like I’d been shot in the gut, to which the ladies in attendance rolled their eyes and told me to stop being such a drama queen. That’s because anyone without a yam-bag can’t understand how that particular red zone doesn’t need a touchdown to score.

For Professional Fighters League (PFL) lightweight champion, Kayla Harrison, that knowledge is likely to come in handy when confronted with a crisis situation, something that recently played out on social media when boxing phenom Gervonta Davis allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

“If someone puts their hands on you, well, first of all, I would go for a nutshot right away,” Harrison told TMZ Sports. “Anything that’s dirty, nasty, mean ... bite. I mean if it’s a very serious situation and you’re in danger, save yourself by any means necessary. Scream. Instead of screaming rape or whatever, scream fire. People will run to help someone at a fire, people don’t run to help someone when they say rape.”

Davis, who denied hitting the mother of his child shortly after this video was released, turned himself into Coral Gables police where he was arrested and charged with one count of simple battery domestic violence.

As for Harrison, she remains undefeated at 7-0 after retiring from judo competition. The 29 year-old judoka won two gold medals at the Summer Olympics (2012, 2016) and captured the PFL lightweight title last December.

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