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Video: Floyd Mayweather harassed by aggressive fan in Miami

I know it’s easy to criticize celebrities when they have a meltdown, like the time Conor McGregor blew a gasket and smashed that dude’s phone to smithereens, but I’m also sympathetic to their daily struggle of getting from Point A to Point B without some clout-chasing jackoff trying to snap a selfie.

That’s what happened to retired boxing sensation Floyd Mayweather Jr., who was not in the mood to be photogenic last Saturday and told 32-year-old Ricco Kimborough to hit the showers. That led to a verbal altercation and an eventual police report accusing Mayweather of simple assault, which contradicts eyewitness accounts that no physical contact was made.

TMZ Sports breaks it down:

Ricco claims he asked Floyd for a picture but Mayweather turned him down saying, “I can’t even get a good morning first?” Ricco claims Floyd’s security team “pushed him away from Mayweather” while Floyd yelled at him, “I’ll beat your ass.”

At one point, Ricco says if he gets his ass kicked by Floyd, “I’ll get all your money too!” Floyd says, “You can get this ass-whooping for free.” At no point in the video, does Floyd ever get physical. It’s just trash talk as he gets in his waiting SUV.

The incident took place outside the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach and as of this writing, no charges have been filed.

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