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Video: Watch Anthony Johnson vs Curtis Blaydes full sumo match ... complete with permeable man-thongs

Imagine wrapping a Coleman thermos inside a ratty neckerchief and you can appreciate what poor Anthony Johnson was going through during his impromptu sumo match against fellow UFC veteran Curtis Blaydes.

“Rumble,” who like “Razor” was an accomplished collegiate wrestler, was more worried about a wardrobe malfunction than he was about losing the match.

Blaydes, 29, came out on top at the SubStars grappling event last Friday night in Miami, but not before turning away Ryuichi Yamamoto to get to the “Celebrity Sumo” finale. As for Johnson, 35, he topped Takeshi Amitani to earn his spot against the No. 3-ranked title contender.

Depending on how things shake out, Johnson (22-6) and Blaydes (13-2) may end up meeting inside the Octagon. “Rumble” has been planning to make his UFC return — at heavyweight —just as soon as he gets his body back into fighting shape.

After all, it’s kind of hard to make weight when you’re clomping around town at 285 pounds.

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