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Video: Watch UFC punch machine malfunction under mystical might of Diego Sanchez coach, Joshua Fabia

To all the doubting Thomases who think Joshua Fabia is some kind of combat sports charlatan preying on gullible MMA fighters like Diego Sanchez, I invite you to watch this video of his mystical skills being put to the test inside the UFC Performance Institute.

Then go ahead and write your apology in the comments section below.

Fabia went gloveless for his turn on the punch machine and his strikes were so formidable, it caused the onboard computer to malfunction. Heck, even the pads started to fall down from his “effortless power strikes.”

Sadly, Sanchez was unable to put Fabia’s teachings to good use when “The Nightmare” fought Michel Pereira at UFC Rio Rancho earlier this month in New Mexico. The original TUF guy was criticized for his bizarre gameplan, which ended with a disqualification victory.

Fortunately, no necks were broken during the ESPN+ broadcast, though rumor has it the locker room still smells like peppermint oil.