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Bellator 240 results: Streaming play-by-play updates | ‘Primus vs Bungard’

Bellator 240
Primus vs Bungard
Bellator MMA

Bellator 240: “Primus vs. Bungard” airs TODAY (Sat., Feb. 22, 2020) from 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland, featuring a 160-pound Catchweight main event between former Lightweight champion Brent Primus (9-1) against local favorite Chris Bungard (15-5).

Bellator 240’s main card airs at 10 p.m. ET via tape delay on Paramount Network, while Dublin’s local main card will start at 5 p.m. ET on Channel 5 (U.K.). will deliver quick results for the full card and comprehensive play-by-play for the televised portion.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Brent Primus vs. Chris BungardPrimus sub (neck crank) 1:55 R1.
Kiefer Crosbie vs. Imaik FurtadoCrosbie SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Ricky Bandejas vs. Frans MlamboBandejas KO 1:25 R2.
Oliver Enkamp vs. Lewis LongEnkamp KO 4:10 R1.
Bec Rawlings vs. Elina KallionidouRawlings UD 30-27 X2, 29-28.
Leah McCourt vs. Judith Ruis McCourt UD 29-28 X2, 30-27.
Charlie Ward vs. Kyle KurtzWard TKO 4:24 R3.
Aaron Chalmers vs. Austin ClemClem UD 30-27 X2, 30-26.
Paul Redmond vs. Georgi KarakhanyanKarakhanyan sub (guillotine) 0:42 R2.
Will Fleury vs. Justin MooreFleury sub (arm triangle) 4:14 R1.
Richie Smullen vs. Alberth DiasDias SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Blaine O’Driscoll vs. Ezzoubair BouarsaO’Driscoll TKO 4:12 R1.
Danni Neilan vs. Chiara PencoNeilan UD 30-27 X2, 29-28.
Mateusz Piskorz vs. Christopher DuncanDuncan TKO 2:43 R2.
Dylan Logan vs. Callum MurrieMurrie sub (RNC) 4:08 R1.
Constantin Blanita vs. Asael AdjoudjBlanita SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Ilias Bulaid vs. Diego FreitasBulaid UD 30-27 X3.
Ciaran Clarke vs. Jamie FauldingClarke UD 30-26 X2, 29-27.
Richard Kiely vs. George HardwickHardwick sub (guillotine) 3:40 R2.


Brent Primus vs. Chris Bungard

Black trunks with silver trim and blue gloves for 15-5 Bungard. Black Venum trunks and red gloves for 9-1 Primus. Bungard hails from Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Primus fights out of Portland, Oregon. The referee in charge is Dan Miragliotta. Both men touch gloves during his final instructions.

Round 1: Primus misses with an opening kick, lands a left hand, takes a couple of elbows and secures a takedown against the fence. He’s got full mount at 55 seconds. Bungard gives up his back twice trying to roll out of trouble. Primus sits on his side dropping hammers then secures the body triangle lock on the back. He slips an arm under the chin and we’re done before the second minute.

Final result: Brent Primus wins via submission (neck crank) at 1:55 of round one.

Kiefer Crosbie vs. Imaik Furtado

Blue gloves and black trunks for Furtado with a record of 6-1. Red gloves and green trunks for Crosbie with a record of 7-1. Furtado hails from Farim, Guinea-Bissau. Crosbie hails from Dublin, Ireland, The referee in charge is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Furtado and Crosbie dance the dance against the fence for the first minute and a half until they separate. They trade body kicks and Furtado tags him with a couple of lefts until Crosbie trips him to the ground. Crosbie tries to posture up in the guard but Furtado isn’t letting him do much. Crosbie takes the back instead with a body lock. Furtado nearly breaks it but Crosbie gets it back at 3:38. Furtado gets up and lets Crosbie up with short time. 10-9 opening round for Crosbie but it could easily be scored the other way.

Round 2: Kicks open this frame both ways. Crosbie dances on his feet feeling out the range. Furado tries to cut an angle but Crosbie keeps pushing forward to the center to reset. Furtado finally clips him a little with a left and Crosbie responds with a leg kick and a combo. Crosbie lands a couple of lefts. Both men spend as much time measuring the range as they do actually striking. The rare times somebody does something it’s Crosbie who scores more frequently. I edge the second round his way 10-9 but again it could easily be the reverse because it’s that close.

Round 3: Both men seem content to dump out whatever gas they have left, throwing power shots at each other whenever they get close. Crosbie’s shoulders and back are glistening with sweat. Furtado appears to be the fresher, better conditioned fighter of the two. Crosbie is tripped to his back on a leg kick and begs Furtado to jump into his guard. Furtado refuses to take the bait and Roberts stands Crosbie up with 40 seconds left. Crosbie starts throwing wildly and trips Furtado to the ground, finishing on top in guard. 10-9 Crosbie but I doubt he gets all three. He might not even get two.

Final result: Kiefer Crosbie wins via 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 split decision.

Ricky Bandejas vs. Frans Mlambo

“The Black Mamba” Frans Mlambo is out first in the red trunks and blue gloves, career record of 8-4. Ricky Bandejas has the black trunks, red gloves and a record of 12-3. Mlambo fights out of Dublin, Ireland. Bandejas fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida. The referee in charge is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Bandejas throws the first leg kick. Mlambo first the left hand. Bandejas goes down and gets back to his feet. Another leg kick from Bandejas. Mlambo misses with a right and continues to jab with the left. Mlambo knocks Bandejas off balance again. Leg kick from Mlambo and he reaches out with the right hand. Push kick for Mlambo. Bandejas kicks the left leg. Mlambo fires off right hands and Bandejas goes for a single leg. They clinch up on the fence and separate with two minutes left. Mlambo cracks him with a right and takes Bandejas’ back on the ground. The rear naked choke is in and the squeeze is tight but Bandejas peels the elbow and pops free on top in side control. Mlambo gets up at 4:13 and pushes Bandejas into the fence. They move back to center at 4:35. 10-9 Mlambo.

Round 2: Bandejas catches a kick and throws a right hand. Bandejas clips Mlambo behind the ear and Mlambo backpedals and takes smack to him. Bandejas throws the leg kick and Mlambo smacks him with the counter right. Leg kick from Mlambo. Bandejas rocks Mlambo with two rights. He adds some hammerfists on the ground and the referee dives in to make the save. It’s all over.

Final result: Ricky Bandejas by knockout at 1:25 of the second round.

Oliver Enkamp vs. Lewis Long

White/black trunks and blue gloves for 17-5 Long, fighting out of Pontypridd, Wales. Similar trunks and red gloves for the 8-2 Enkamp, fighting out of Stockholm, Sweden. The referee in charge for this contest is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Enkamp runs forward and throws a spin kick and a right hand. He pushes Long into the catch and throws a few knees before dropping levels. Long grabs a headlock in response and puts on the squeeze but Enkamp slips out. More knees from Enkamp. Left hands to the chin. Long finally breaks off the fence at 1:58. Leg kick and right hand for Enkamp. Body kick for Enkamp leads to a takedown by Long. Enkamp recovers quickly and goes for a single leg of his own. Long goes for the standing guillotine again and again Enkamp slips out. Enkamp backs up at 3:38. Enkamp air balls a front kick. Right hand lands. Long gets knocked down by a spinning backfist and Enkamp pounds it out on the ground for the stoppage.

Final result: Oliver Enkamp wins by knockout at 4:10 of the first round.

Bec Rawlings vs. Elina Kallionidou

Rawlings brings a record of 7-9 to this fight with black/light blue top and trunks along with red gloves. Kallionidou is 7-3 in the black trunks, black top and blue gloves. The referee in charge of the fight is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Rawlings charges in and cracks Kallionidou with several hands before taking her down at 11 seconds. The ladies are warned not to put their fingers inside of the gloves. Kallionidou gets Rawlings into full guard. Rawlings looks to take the back and drives elbows into the ribs. Kallionidou tries to go for a single leg and takes elbows to the head. Rawlings takes the back with just over 2:15 left. Kallionidou spins out of danger and winds up on top for a bit looking for a kimura, but that lets Rawlings sweep her and get back on top in guard. They get back to their feet late. 10-9 opening round for Rawlings.

Round 2: Kallionidou pushes Rawlings into the fence and looks to unload with her hands. Multiple right hands land before she drops levels looking for a single leg. Rawlings responds with some nice knees as she pushes Kallionidou away. Kallionidou responds with another right hand. Rawlings’ chin is being tested. Rawlings shoots and gets a takedown at 1:50. Kallionidou tries to secure a triangle but Rawlings is able to slip out and stack up her opponent, sitting on her face and dropping hammers. Left elbows to the head. Rawlings spins to step over into half guard. If Kallionidou had come closer on her submission attempt it would have helped her win the round but Rawlings had the back doing late damage and nearly got a rear naked choke late. 10-9.

Round 3: Rawlings gets a takedown 19 seconds into the frame. Rawlings looks to take the back and lands a lot of right hammerfists. Kallionidou grabs the right leg and looks to sweep but it ends up in a 50/50 position until there’s a near armbar. Both women get back up at 2:44. Straight right by Kallionidou. High kick and right hand by Kallionidou. Rawlings goes for the takedown then looks to take the back, turning that into a takedown and securing the body triangle. Time leaks away with Kallionidou unable to change momentum. Rawlings goes for another rear naked choke with short time. 10-9 Rawlings.

Final result: Bec Rawlings wins a unanimous decision of 30-27 X2 and 29-28.

Leah McCourt vs. Judith Ruis

Black trunks, black top, blue gloves and purple hair for the 6-4 Ruis. Black trunks, white top, red gloves and blonde hair for the 3-1 McCourt. Ruis is 35, McCourt 27. McCourt is 5’9” with a 69” reach, Ruis 5’5” with a 66.5” reach. Ruis hails from Remagen, Germany. McCourt hails from Belfast, Norther Ireland. The referee for the Channel 5 main event is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: McCourt rushes forward and Ruis hangs back after the opening bell. Ruis circles to her right on the outside as McCourt throws kicks. The 3Arena crowd sings to cheer McCourt on. McCourt fires the left hand and kick then takes Ruis down with a single leg at 1:14. Ruis tries to fish for a leg and McCourt spins out, letting Ruis back up, who pushes her into the cage. McCourt throws Ruis to the ground at just past two minutes right into side control. She stands up and throws kicks at Ruis’ legs. Ruis springs to her feet and pushes McCourt into the fence. More singing. Knees from McCourt. Another throw to side control at 3:36. Ruis sweeps and gets on top in full mount. McCourt pushes off the fence to roll free as Ruis tries to turn it into an armbar. McCourt spins around to break free and gets side control on top. Full mount late. 10-9 round for McCourt.

Round 2: McCourt backs Ruis up repeatedly popping the left hand. Right leg kick. Left hook. Ruis presses forward to clinch. McCourt gets the takedown to full mount at 1:52 and Ruis quickly gives up her back. McCourt locks down the body triangle and searches for a chance to sink an arm under the chin. Ruis manages to spin her way free and wind up on top in full guard. Todd Anderson warns Ruis to improve her position. McCourt is fishing for submissions off her back and doing more than her opponent on top. A judge might be tempted to score for Ruis seeing her on top to end the round but it’s 10-9 McCourt for me.

Round 3: McCourt gets a takedown 20 seconds into this round. McCourt stands up to improve her position after an activity warning from Mr. Anderson. Ruis tries to use a knee to keep her at bay. McCourt stands up again at 1:48 and jumps back on top in half guard. She’s got the full mount at 2:20. Lefts to the head. Ruis gives up her back momentarily after eating an elbow. Another left elbow smashes home as she turns face up. Ruis gets her back to half guard and tries to push off the fence with her feet. Ruis gets her back to full guard with a minute left. McCourt stands of her own accord at 4:12 and throws Ruis to the ground 12 seconds later. She ends the third round on top and will surely win the fight.

Final result: Leah McCourt by 29-28 X2, 30-27 unanimous decision.

Charlie Ward vs. Kyle Kurtz

Kurtz has the blue gloves and red trunks for this fight. He sports a career record of 10-7 and hails from Jackson, Missouri. Ward has the black trunks and red gloves and is a SBG Ireland fighter from Mountmellick with a career record of 7-4. The referee is Leon Roberts.

Round 1: Ward takes the center of the cage as Kurtz circles looking for an opening. Ward slowly pushes him toward the fence and uncorks a hard left. Ward gets him down to one knee then briefly has the back as Kurtz gets back up. Kurtz ties up his right arm but Ward wails away with the left and takes Kurtz down again at 2:23. He stacks up Kurtz against the fence in the full guard and waits for his opportunity to posture up and throw bombs. Ward briefly backs up then settles back down on top with under a minute in round one. A solid 10-9 opener for Ward.

Round 2: Ward once again settles into the center and pops off the left hand. Kurtz throws a leg kick and Ward looks annoyed. Kurtz shoots for a single and Ward fights it off then throws him to the ground at 56 seconds. Ward fires left elbows on top with Kurtz’ head pinned against the fence. Ward transitions to half guard and fires lefts to the body and head. Kurts tries to wall walk and he’s finally able to get up at 3:08. Ward stays heavy on his back, jacks him with an uppercut from behind, then yanks him down at 3:36. Loads of lefts land to the head. A hard right hits home too. Ward is right in front of his corner men and they’re all positive, telling Ward he’s not even breathing hard right now. Another 10-9 for Ward. He punctuates the end of the round with an elbow that opens up a cut at the bell.

Round 3: A tap of gloves starts round three. Kurtz offers a couple of leg kicks to his foe. Kurtz tries a jump knee that misses before Ward overpowers him to the ground. Kurtz gets up quickly but eats left uppercuts that bloody up his face. Kurtz goes down again at 1:08. Kurtz is painting the whites of the canvas with the red liquid leaking everywhere. He gets back up at 2:32. The doctor steps in and takes a look at all the cuts opened up on Kurtz but he’s cleared to continue. Roberts starts them in the same position with Ward driving his opponent into the fence firing lefts. Roberts warns Kurtz to fight back or he’ll stop it and it’s finally stopped with about a half minute left.

Final result: Charlie Ward wins via technical knockout at 4:24 in round three.

Aaron Chalmers vs. Austin Clem

Austin Clem is out first in the black Dethrone trunks with white trim and blue gloves. Aaron “The Joker” Chalmers sports black trunks with red gloves. Chalmers sports a career record of 5-1 at 32 years old, his opponent Clem is 3-1 at 27. Clem hails from Springfield, Missouri. Chalmers fights out of Newcastle, England. The referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: No glove tap to open. Chalmers lands a body kick and two knees up the middle. The second one hurts Clem but he shoots for the takedown in response and sits Chalmers on his butt. Chalmers scoots backward to the fence. Chalmers gets back up at 1:54. Clem fishes for a single leg and Chalmers defends it until 2:36, landing on his butt again sitting up against the cage. Chalmers tries to post on his right hand and Clem sweeps the arm away. Chalmers tries for a triangle but can’t get his other leg above the shoulder. Clem steps back and throws kicks at the hips before jumping to side control. He ends a 10-9 round there.

Round 2: Chalmers with a jab, a knee, and a left hook right away that has Clem reeling. Clem shoots for the single leg against the cage and takes him down at 38 seconds. Clem transitions to a full mount and postures up. Chalmers pulls him chest to chest for a bit to avoid big damage. Chalmers tries in vain to buck Clem off as time ticks away. When Chalmers tries to move it only puts them closer to the center of the cage, giving him no change to use the cage to help his escape. It’s a one-sided dominant round for Clem.

Round 3: Chalmers immediately explodes with a series of kicks and a right hand. Clem closes the distance and gets the takedown at 32 seconds, drawing a series of boos from the 3Arena crowd. Chalmers goes for a guillotine as Clem tries to move to side control. Clem shakes it off and gets the position. Clem has the full mount at 2:10. Elbows to the face from Clem. Chalmers pushes off with his feet but again that puts him closer to the cage center. Two minutes remain. More elbows from the top. There’s nothing Chalmers can do. This is going to the judges.

Final result: Austin Clem via unanimous decision.

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