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Video: Female MMA fighter kicked off ‘Survivor’ for breaking contestant’s nose with brutal headbutt

Skip to 11:55 if you’re just here for the face smashing.

Romanian mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Ana Maria Pal, was a contestant on Survivor: “Romania” but was prematurely booted from the production after blowing a gasket and breaking the nose of fellow contestant, Andrei Ciobanul, with a vicious headbutt.

All because she lost one of the reality show challenges.

“I saw a terrible moment, a shocking moment. I saw a competitor hit in the face by another competitor,” the show’s presenter, Dan Cruceru, told CanCan (via Daily Mail). “Unfortunately, Ana Pal lost her temper. What Ana did was a shocking gesture, a gesture that we hoped we would not see. We will not tolerate such behavior in Survivor, and our decision was that Ana Pal should not return to the island.”

That behavior is known as “being a sore loser.”

The 26 year-old Pal (2-3) last competed at Romania Xtreme Fighting (RXF) 35 in Sibiu, capturing a submission win over Iranian flyweight Samereh Kiani last September.

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