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Watch this CFFC fighter break his opponent’s arm backwards to win the belt

We don’t know what’s more impressive, the arm-breaking submission from James Gonzalez or Pat Sabatini’s refusal to tap!

Cage Fury Fighting Championships went down on Saturday night in New Jersey, broadcast around the world on UFC Fight Pass. Those that tuned in were treated to a wild fight between the promotion’s featherweight champ Pat Sabatini and challenger James Gonzalez, who ended up taking the belt in pretty nasty fashion by breaking his opponent’s arm backwards.

The incident happened halfway through round one when Sabatini got caught in an armbar and attempted to slam his way out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, lifting Gonzalez off the ground just gave his opponent the weight and leverage to crank the armbar to it’s fullest extent, popping Sabatini’s arm backwards.

Somehow the savage didn’t even tap and continued to try and shake Gonzalez off his arm. It was only when Gonzalez declared the arm was broken and released the hold that the ref saw how mangled Sabatini’s arm was and waved off the fight. Preliminary diagnosis from the medical staff on hand had the injury pegged as a shoulder and elbow dislocation.

Gonzalez was all class after the win, telling CFFC commentator CM Punk “First, I would like to say I wish that didn’t happen. I wish he could have tapped and saved his arm from breaking like that.”

He also took his shot at a jump to the big leagues.

”If I don’t get that [CFFC] 135-pound shot, I wouldn’t mind getting on that Contender Series in the summerm” he said (via MMA Junkie). “Give me some good fights. I’m here to put on a show.”

With a highlight like this on his record, James Gonzalez is definitely building a case for being a Contender.

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