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Michael Bisping highly-critical of Maycee Barber's UFC 246 injury excuses - ‘Bitching about it won’t win you fans’

Maycee Barber didn’t endear herself to fans after she slammed the UFC 246 doctor for revealing to her opponent, Roxanne Modafferi — as well as the rest of the world — that she has injured her leg during the fight mid-fight.

It’s a rather odd complaint, as it is the doctor’s primary job to put a halt to the action in order to inspect an injury. It’s a practice that’s been in place for years, though it is very rare to see action halted to review a possible bone break or tear.

That’s why former UFC Middleweight champion and current UFC analyst, Michael Bisping, is confused and downright appalled that Barber would make such a statement and slam the doctor for doing his job.

“The doctor’s just doing his f*cking job,” Bisping said on the latest episode of his “Believe You Me” podcast via Middle Easy. “If you get an elbow in the face and it’s pouring blood everywhere, and the doctor goes ‘stop, stop, stop, I’m going to take a look at it’ — you can’t go ‘oh, he’s highlighting my cut face!’”

For “The Count,” regardless where the injury is, the doctor has to complete his duties all the same.

Just ask Nate Diaz.

To Maycee’s credit, she did repeatedly tell her corner and the doctor that she was fine, as she was willing to go through the fight in pain in order to not have it called off. In this case, though, the doctor on duty did not put an end to the fight despite revealing she had a partially torn her ACL.

Despite getting the rare chance to continue, Barber was not happy.

“It’s tough sh*t. But you got injured in the fight and it’s his job to say ‘hold on a minute, I need to check that leg.’ Because let’s say it’s really f*cking torn and it’s bad, you can call off the fight and say she’s not fit to fight and she’s going to do herself more damage,” added Bisping.

“He was looking out for her! I get it, she’s a young fighter, it’s her first loss, she’s not used to dealing with it — but it’s not a good look.”

Adding further fuel to the fire was Maycee’s father, who blamed the loss on the injury itself, taking away from Roxanne’s performance in the fight and subsequent win.

“Just deal with it, accept it, you got beat fair and square by the better person on the day,” Bisping said. “Come back and get them next time. B*tching about this, you’re not going to win any fans in my opinion by doing this.”

Nevertheless, Barber will be out for quite some time, but is expected to make a return in late 2020 if all goes well during her rehab process.

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