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Watching this UFC 248 hype video makes dopey matchmaking (somewhat) forgivable

Yoel Romero, 42, is coming off back-to-back losses and has struggled to make weight, but “earned” a middleweight title shot by being muscly and stuff.

Watching this UFC 248 hype video helped soften my stance on the Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero pay-per-view (PPV) main event, in what could be the dopiest match up since Chael Sonnen — coming off a TKO loss to Anderson Silva — fought Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title.

But I guess I have to get off my matchmaking high horse and admit that even when a fight doesn’t make sense or perhaps jeopardizes the integrity of the division, it can still be worth paying for, as is the case for UFC 248.

And credit to UFC President, Dana White, for admitting as much.

“Israel Adesanya wants to fight Yoel Romero. How does that make sense? It doesn’t make sense,” White told the MMA media. “You know what makes sense? Israel Adesanya is such a badass, that he wants to fight the guy that nobody wants to fight. Does that make sense in any way shape or form for my business? No. Is Yoel Romero the easiest guy in the world to deal with? No. The list goes on and on, but who gives a shit? That’s incredible. I’m in.”

After watching this UFC 248 hype video, I’m in too.

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