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Highlights: Watch bare-knuckle Hector Lombard blast David Mundell in slow motion video

Former Bellator and UFC smashing machine, Hector Lombard, made a successful transition to the world of bare-knuckle boxing last weekend in “The Sunshine State,” capturing a unanimous decision win over fellow MMA import David Mundell.

Watch a clip of their BKFC 10 brawl-for-all in the video above.

“I was aggressive, and I scored the points,” Lombard said (via MMA Junkie). “He was backing up the whole time, but my hat off to him. I never thought it was going to be that tough, but he put up a good fight.

“I wanted to be in bare knuckle because I wanted the experience, and now I have it,” he continued. “I’m pretty sure I have to change my gameplan and some little things, but it was an amazing experience.”

While Mundell is angling for an immediate rematch, Lombard is likely to move on to a different challenge in his BKFC return later this year.

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