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Midnight Mania! BJ Penn flipped his car, being investigated for DUI

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MMA: UFC 237-Penn vs Guida Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Controversy continues to surround former UFC champion BJ Penn.

The Hawaiian legend has lost seven straight inside the Octagon, although it would be eight losses if one considers his recent bar fight. Unfortunately, the latest news is not positive, as Penn is suspected of driving drunk per BigIslandNow.

If there’s a silver lining, Penn was driving alone and did not hit anyone else. Per the report, Penn was speeding when he lost control of the vehicle and flipped it off the road. Due to new regulations, the police were unable to test Penn’s blood alcohol content (BAC) that night, as a search warrant is required.

Regardless, Penn was sent to the hospital, and doctors there did draw and test Penn’s blood for alcohol. Though the results are not yet available to the public, they were sent to the police.

Stay tuned to MMAmania for the latest updates regarding Penn’s case.


Andrea Lee suffered a pretty wonky decision herself at UFC 247, and its rumored the judge wasn’t even watching her fight!

I hate to say it, but this is not exactly the most surprising USADA bust. Michel Prazeres will be unable to return until he’s 40 years old, which means this may just be the end for him.

Darren Till and Israel Adesanya are good pals who may someday punch each other in the face.

Flying “Black Beast” is terrifying at any speed — can you blame Latifi for ducking?

Gordan Ryan is a bit annoying, sure, but the man’s jiu-jitsu is simply beautiful.

Grappling is generally pretty safe, but still be careful out there friends.

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Risks of Flying Submissions •••••••••••••••••••••• In grappling most joint locks first involve one grappler using a takedown to bring the other to the floor prior to one of them being able to initiate a submission attack. One of the most exciting techniques to watch in a grappling match is a well timed “flying submission”. This is when one grappler jumps onto an opponent’s limb from a standing position. Most common “flying” submissions include flying armbars and triangles. . The problem with these techniques is there is a fairly high risk involved. Because the attacker will be upside down there is a good likelihood of landing on the head and/or neck. Also they will not be able to use their arms to brace the fall. When done correctly the opponent will slow down the descent but when done incorrectly the attacker will fall directly on their head/neck. High risk / low success rate. . Here is an extreme example of the risk. This Dagestan athlete attempted an attack and landed on the side of his neck. He suffered a closed fracture of his cervical vertebrae with spinal cord damage and is now paralyzed from the neck down (reported via @bjjmania_ru ). This situation is very sad and I wish this athlete the best and hope for a full recovery. . I personally have used flying submissions successfully in grappling competitions but want to highlight that they are a HIGH risk attack and should you used with caution.

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

Lapicus appears a pretty special physical talent — every section of this clip looks POWERFUL.

My team mate and wrestling coach, Alexander Munoz, makes his UFC debut in a few weeks. Here’s him scoring what I believe is the fasted knockout in Texas history:

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3 weeks.

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It is EXTREMELY frustrating when an opponent is repeatedly able to place a teep in the center of the chest, it disrupts everything.

Random Land

It’s a wild time in the sport’s world, but then, hasn’t it always been?

Midnight Music: MMAmaniac Perturbator posted this song in the comments of last night’s Midnight Mania. I had never heard it previously, but I can also appreciate ‘70s soul.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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