Why can't Tony vs Khabib be next up???

I know April isn't a million miles away but it sure feels like it. As soon as the fight was a defo it should of been put on ASAP even if it meant other fights getting delayed. This fight is so important to the sport that waiting to April just seems like tempting the MMA gods to do their worst.

UFC 229 was a painful night for me. Conor getting choked was bad enough but way worse was knowing that Tony and Khabib were fit and fighting on the same card but not against each other. I remember having this horrible feeling that this might be as close as it ever gets to happening.

I'm not pessimistic by nature but we all know too well the history of this fight. I just hope waiting till April doesn't come back to bite the UFC and more importantly the fans, cause for it not to happen again would be totally devastating.

Roll on April 18. And please watch out for errand wiring and tasty deserts.