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‘Two Point Deduction’ podcast coming to! now has an official podcast!

Greetings Maniacs, Matt Ryan here.

For over 12 years I’ve been a broadcaster, calling nearly every possible sport, including Division 3 field hockey tripleheaders (yes, tripleheaders). For the past half-dozen months, I’ve been given the chance to talk to you MMA Maniacs through the UFC pay-per-view (PPV) live streams along with my partner in crime, Harry Terjanian, and Dan A. White, our completely legal puppet representation of a person who runs a major combat sports organization.

Get a sample here and here.

And due to my ability to entertain and/or not have the MMA Mania and SB Nation offices visited by villagers with pitchforks and torches, I’ve now been given my own weekly show.

What will the format be?

I can’t say it’ll be unlike any other MMA show in existence, because there are already 525,600 podcasts, and we’re not sure how many of them already make RENT references in their mission statement. I can promise that it will have unique voices, unique presentation, and guests from all corners of the MMA world.

More importantly, it will include YOUR voice.

That’s right fight fans, much like the sports radio shows I listened to on WFAN growing up in New York, I’m back afta this allowing the weirdos, the knuckleheads, and the armchair black belts be heard.

I mean the ones not already employed by

This is our chance to build something fun, dynamic, and more importantly, consistent. Our show is called “Two-Point Deduction” because we already got one for kicking someone in the dick at the pitch meeting, and me speaking on the microphone is an implied kick to the dick. Join us once a week for all the freak kingdom of MMA can offer.

It’ll go a long way in helping us justify this (and all the money we spent on microphones).

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