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Video: Minnie Mouse unmasks, brawls with security guard on Las Vegas strip

Scenes Of Taipei Before Presidential Elections Photo by Andrew Wong/Getty Images

Even though there are no major combat events scheduled for this busy Super Bowl week, the fist-to-fist action still spilled over onto the Las Vegas streets.

It may not have been a 40-second Conor McGregor knockout, but the masses were entertained nonetheless earlier this week when a Minnie Mouse performer took her mask off to throw down with a security guard on the Las Vegas strip. The brawl was eventually stopped, but the damage was already done.

Check out the video footage below courtesy of @pretty_prinnn:

As you can see, UFC president Dana White may want to think about signing this Minnie Mouse to the UFC roster. The character impersonator dropped absolute bombs at will that would have made Francis Ngannou proud. She even mixed in some powerful forearms to the face as Mickey Mouse tried to break the melee up and Goofy watched on in wonderment. At one point, the strikes from Minnie Mouse even turned the security guard around.

This may not be the sort of thing you imagined seeing today, but it’s a nice prelude to UFC’s return next weekend in Houston, Texas, as Jon Jones defends his light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247.

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