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Marvin Vettori picks apart Jack Hermansson in gutsy brawl | UFC Vegas 16

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson v Vettori Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Jack Hermansson and Marvin Vettori face off tonight (Sat., Dec. 5, 2020) in a main event Middleweight clash from UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC Vegas 14. Bout after bout was changed or adjusted or canceled outright on this card, but fortunately, the main event remained a relevant Middleweight showdown, even if Hermansson found a different dance partner. As “The Joker” looked to continue his climb to the top, Vettori was finally receiving the step up in competition he has long demanded.

Vettori proved good on his promise. Against a top five-ranked foe, Vettori pushed a really solid pace and showed great skill, piecing his opponent up with dozens of straight left hands. Hermansson fought his heart out, but it was not his night.

Round One

Vettori lands the first real punch of the night, a quick left hand, and scores another moments later. Hermansson works the lead leg. Vettori finds an uppercut, and he’s beating Hermansson to the outside angle early. Vettori punches the body, takes a clean body kick. Vettori puts together a nice three-punch combination. Clean right hand counter from Hermansson is followed by a body kick. Hermansson fakes a takedown, lands the right. Hermansson lands a good uppercut, then a crisp left hand slumps Hermansson to the mat! Vettori gains half-guard and drops some hard elbows. Hermansson wards off a guillotine and survives. Hermansson escapes back to his feet just before the bell.

Round Two

Hermansson starts the second with a lot of aggression, lands a right hand and low kick. Hard body kick from Hermansson. Vettori scores a two-punch counter then stuffs a takedown. After a prolonged wrestling exchange, Vettori hits a switch and gains top position. Hermansson trying to play open guard, and while he isn’t taking damage, he’s not accomplishing much either. Vettori lets him back up with 90 seconds remaining, lands a jab. Hermansson lands a right followed by a jab. Hermansson lands a body job then shoots again. Good knee scores for “The Joker” after the takedown is stuffed. Vettori lands some good punches in the closing seconds of the round.

Round Three

Hermansson fires a pair of kicks to open the second. Vettori sticks a nice left hand. Another. Hermansson ducks a jab into the high-crotch, but Vettori denies his takedown yet again. Good body kick lands for the Swede. Another takedown attempt comes up short, but Hermansson lands a knee on the break. Hermansson finds a cross and may be the fresher man. One more single leg takedown fails for Hermansson. Vettori puts together a hard combination. Two counter lefts score for Vettori. Hermansson touches his foe with a wide overhand. Vettori lands a body kick, eats a 1-2.

Round Four

The two are trading early in the fourth! Vettori stings his foe with a left, eats a counter cross. Check hook scores for Vettori, followed by a left. Vettori’s left hand is looking crisp and landing often again, but Hermansson marches forward to land a right hook anyway. Right body-right head scores for Hermansson. Vettori finds another cross. Very high pace given it’s the fourth round of a Middleweight fight. Hermansson is keeping his volume high, but Vettori’s left hand is the most consistent weapon between them. Hermansson finds another uppercut. Left hand from Vettori backs his foe off momentarily, and he follows with a body kick. Vettori finds a left hand uppercut. Hermansson goes back to the low kick for the first time in a while. Vettori digs one last left.

Round Five

Vettori cracks his foe with a left early in the fifth, and he’s landing quite a bit. Hermansson lands big right hook. The two trade power shots back-and-forth, but Vettori’s defense and crisp left hands generally have him landing better. Vettori’s left hand lands with an audible thud, but Hermansson shows no reaction. Vettori lands a left, pulls to avoid the counter, lands another left. Hermansson finds a couple right hooks. Vettori sticks an uppercut. Vettori presses into the clinch and jams his foe into the cage. He shucks his way to the back clinch, where Hermansson tries to dive on a desperation heel hook. The Italian escapes and finishes in top position.
Result: Marvin Vettori defeats Jack Hermansson via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-45)

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