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Fake Paul? Ben Askren fight ‘not happening’ ... or maybe ‘Funky’ is just two steps behind

Was the Jake Paul offer to fight Ben Askren faker than Khabib’s Conor-tract?

The “Funky” UFC veteran was offered the bout against YouTube’s golden boy, but then the lines of communication went silent. And it doesn't sound like Askren is planning to box Paul anytime soon, based on his recent social media comments.

“So in November, this jabroni Jake Paul calls me out, puts up a poster with my name,” Askren said. “A couple weeks later, I get a couple texts and a week after that I get some calls and I get an offer. Okay, this guy really wants to fight. Am I opposed to making some easy money? Beating up a YouTuber? Of course I’m not. I accept publicly, on Twitter, nonetheless. Since then, Jacob has gone silent. Jacob is kind of a coward. Sorry guys, I don’t think the fight is happening.”

Askren, 36, who held welterweight titles for Bellator MMA and ONE Championship, retired from UFC after consecutive losses to Jorge Masvidal and Demian Maia. And it sounds like “Funky” is just the latest combat sports veteran to fall victim to Paul’s trolling.

In other stupid news, Santa Claus was vaccinated against COVID-19 so that he could safely break into your house and leave presents you may or may not have asked for.

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