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Video: Tito Ortiz reacts to ‘embarrassing’ confrontation over ‘poison’ food, police intervention

You haven’t really made it as a politician until someone throws a pie in your face.

That said, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz just got started as City Councilman in Huntington Beach, Calif., so he’ll have to settle for local hecklers shouting him down at every appearance until he levels up.

Ortiz, 45, hit the city streets this week to deliver holiday meals to the less fortunate. But his refusal to wear a face mask during a global “plandemic” led to accusations that “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” was handing out poison food.

“People are going ‘what’s going on?’ and there’s a guy with a loudspeaker, telling people in Spanish that I’m poisoning them,” Ortiz told his followers on social media. “I’m trying to give them poison food. Don’t accept food from me. All my fans know how much I give back during Christmas time and for him to do that is embarrassing.”

Equally embarrassing is making the local news for having the police called to a charity event. It will be interesting to see if Ortiz masks up in the future to get people off his back or if he doubles down on his no-mask policy to prove a point.

Either way, the UFC hall-of-famer has not had the best start to his political career.

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