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New video shows Brendan Schaub ready to street fight Jake Paul for dampening Dillon Danis

Remember that water balloon drive-by staged by part-time boxer and full-time assclown Jake Paul? Turns out the crew behind Food Truck Diaries — the show where former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub stuffs his face and talks to friends — was also recording the (cough) “surprise attack.”

See the original footage here.

Turns out Schaub was ready to resurrect his MMA skills in case Paul and his equally goofy goon squad tried to bum-rush Dillon Danis, the Bellator MMA fighter who gained notoriety as the jiu-jitsu coach for ex-UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

“If they would have jumped out, then I gotta get involved,” Schaub told a surprisingly relaxed Danis. “Gotta dust off the old skill set... The thing is, that’s gonna give them millions of views. And when you guys fight, that translates dollars for you.”

Schaub retired from MMA after getting stopped by Travis Browne back in late 2014.

As far as the Paul piffle, part of me wants to puke while the other part wants to laugh at all the MMA purists who shit on pro wrestling for being fake when just about every feud in UFC and beyond is manufactured to make as much money as possible.

Even McGregor tried to explain to longtime rival Khabib Nurmagomedov that all his pre-fight shenanigans and personal insults were “just business,” but unlike most money-grubbing athletes who put dollars before sense, “The Eagle” only plays one game: kill or be killed.

Just ask Danis.

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