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Stephen Thompson brutalizes bodybuilder’s leg (and suffers possible injury) with devastating kicks | Video

There are bad ideas, and then there are really bad ideas. Professional bodybuilder, Houston Jones, recently allowed former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight title contender, Stephen Thompson, to hit him with several leg kicks just to see how much pain he could endure.

Of course, “Wonderboy” — a former undefeated professional kickboxer — didn’t go full speed, starting at 15 percent and then gradually working his way up to a max of 45 percent for a total of 10 kicks.

That was more than enough to make mince meat out of Jones’ tree trunks he calls legs. But in a twist no one expected, it seems Thompson got the worse end out of the deal as he had to stop after apparently suffering a possible foot injury.

A couple weeks after the taping of the video, it seems “Wonderboy” is still in some pain, though no major structural damage seems to have occurred. At least none one that we know of ...

Thompson was in talks to face off against Khamzat Chimaev later this year, but nothing ever became official. No fret, “Wonderboy” will now square off against Geoff Neal on Dec. 19, 2020, while “Borz” takes on Leon Edwards in the headlining act.

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