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Rafael dos Anjos slams Michael Chandler for turning down UFC Vegas 14 — ‘Shame on you’

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Former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos was hoping to convince Bellator MMA import Michael Chandler to accept a short notice fight for the UFC Vegas 14 main event this weekend in “Sin City,” after original opponent Islam Makhachev was stricken with Staph infection.

“We have other plans,” Chandler posted on social media.

He also wrote, “Stay the course and be ready for the open door.” I’m not sure what door Chandler is waiting for but Dos Anjos is a respectable name, a former champion, and a solid introduction to fickle UFC fans.

“If you don’t take a fight because you don’t have enough time to drop weight I get it, but don’t tell me you have other plans,” Dos Anjos fired back. “I became the champion of the BIGGEST organization fighting everyone they put in front of me. Shame on you.”

There is the possibility that Chandler is getting paid too much to jump into the main event slot for an ESPN+ card and if “Iron” gets bent by Dos Anjos, the promotion loses the opportunity to promote bigger fights against Tony Ferguson or Justin Gaethje.

Regardless, UFC matchmakers only have another day or two to secure a replacement for Makhachev if they hope to get a fighter to fly to Las Vegas, cut weight, and get through medicals before the weekend.

Stay tuned.