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Midnight Mania! Dan Hardy responds to Diego Sanchez callout, ‘you need a serious psychological evaluation’

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UFC 253 Sanchez v Matthews Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

A couple nights ago, Diego Sanchez did his part in educating the world on the dangers of drinking and tweeting. The former “Nightmare” called out Dan Hardy, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones — or as Sanchez referred to him, “Bill Cosby Jones” — in a strange series of barely comprehensible tweets.

Well, a couple of the mentioned fighters have taken the bait. Sort-of-retired color commentator and former Welterweight title challenger, Dan Hardy, is among that number, though he did not exactly accept Sanchez’s offer to grant him a warrior’s death.

“You’re a funny guy, @DiegoSanchezUFC,” Hardy replied. “I can’t help but feel bad laughing at you though, when it’s clear that you need a serious psychological evaluation. Was calling me out your own idea, or did you get help from that mystical yoga teacher guy that you keep in your pocket?”

Well ... it’s not exactly a no?

Sanchez (or possibly his infamous “coach” Joshua Fabia, as Hardy wonders) did find a more willing dance partner in Demian Maia. If there’s a silver lining in that match up, Maia is usually more focused on landing submissions than head shots, the latter of which Sanchez can ill afford.


How can you wake up dead?!?

I’ve trained with a lot of grinders over the years, but so far, Darren Elkins has the most absurd strength-to-size ratio. He may not be particularly muscly, but his smothering pressure and wrestling strength are crazy.

Another cool stat: Thiago Santos can set a record if he manages to drop another “Sledgehammer” tomorrow night!

Coach vs. Fighter!

A part of me would greatly enjoy seeing Jan Blachowicz continue to defeat larger/more promotable names and foil UFC plans ... simply for the chaos of it all. “Polish Power” forever!

I greatly appreciate Khalil Rountree’s insight and honesty regarding a tough loss. That’s how you explain yourself without making excuses, Paulo!

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The preparation for this fight was great, I was in the best (physical) shape of my life. My stats at the @ufcpi were impressive, my diet was on point, it was all there. Except me. I was detached, focused on the future with a one way ticket out of the country the next day that I had booked weeks before. I was mentally exhausted, Drained and still had to show up that night. I took a lot of punishment, I got hit with a shot that literally sent my thoughts into another realm and somehow I recovered. After that I spent the remainder of the fight in pure survival mode. I couldn’t even hear my coaches as I later discovered that they were completely confused about why I wasn’t responding to anything we had planned. They were disappointed and looking back on it, i was completely selfish for not showing up. My opponent had a good game plan, he tired me tf out, landed big shots, even cut me in the final seconds of the fight. I looked like sloth from the goonies for the following week. Im just sharing with you all stuff I’ve never shared with anyone.The mental space that I was in for this fight haunts me till this day. I won’t make this same mistake. I have the capacity and drive to be a complete martial artist and that’s where I’m headed. It’s taking a lot of work, a lot of reflection and hard to swallow pills but thats the price we pay on a journey to #selfmastery • Be committed to taking your abilities further than you imagined. #nocomfortzone

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Slips, rips, and BRAVE clips

This is the sneakiest sh*t I’ve ever seen. I love it!

Cleiton Silva stood a bit too tall in the pocket and took three clean left hooks as a result.

Shtepin threw this spin kick fast.

Random Land

Clips of gigantic waves crashing into ships will always amaze me.

Midnight Music: I listened to Japanese experimental rock band Boris’ latest LP, the concisely titled No. It’s real heavy, a pretty intense mix of doom and stoner metal!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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