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Midnight Mania! Female Bantamweight stops 529-pound giant in insane Russian freak show fight

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Our Business MMA

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Promotions come and go, but freak shows are forever.

Several times this week, clips of the infamous Fight Circus event have made this column, featuring multiple opponents taking on a single foe. Clearly, Thailand has some potential when it comes to freak show bouts, but Russia — home to team MMA and parkour MMA — is the world leader in such bizarre contests.

The promotion “Our Business” is pushing the envelope further, as evidenced by this absolutely absurd match up between a female Bantamweight, Darina Madzyuk (3-1), and a massive blogger named Grigory Chistyakov, who topped the scales at 539 pounds.

Check it out:

A brief play-by-play: Madzyuk fires punches early, often leaping into the Superman punch to land on her taller foe. Chistyakov pushes forward and wraps up the clinch, and my mind immediately goes to the Sumo wrestlers who won early MMA fights via the smother submission. Madzyuk is resilient, however, fighting hands until the referee separates them. Immediately, she goes back on the offensive, stinging her foe with a right hand.

Chistyakov doesn’t like it and falls to the mat. Madzyuk swarms to secure the first-round TKO finish!

“After this fight, I will start to train actively,” said a defeated Chistyakov after the fight (transcription via “I will try to lead more or less a healthy lifestyle. Blogger Nastya Tuki-Tuk will be my coach.”

There are more fights on the card, and the entire event is viewable below. Somehow, I doubt even the actual best bout or second oddest fight of the night can even hope to compare to this masterpiece.

Though it was not published here on, the legendary SeanBaby wrote a hilarious piece titled, “How MMA Proved That The Bigger Guy Usually Loses Horribly,” and I would be remiss not to included it.


Happy Black Friday ... I guess.

No offense to the other athletes, but unless UFC takes up Derek Brunson’s offer, they should just throw the whole card away.

There’s no real tricking to getting out of a locked rear naked choke ...

Tony Ferguson vs. Charles Oliveira is the fight I’m thankful for this year.

Georges St. Pierre and some Canada-style hoops!

Don’t ask me how this worked, because I don’t feel like it should have. That’s just a serious thigh squeeze!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

Chin yank to rear naked choke from the flattened out back mount is pretty much unstoppable.

The head kick rightfully ended the bout, but respect to Bielski for trying to overcome his body’s command to shut down.

An amazing sequence that begins with a flying armbar and really only gets better!

Random Land

Awesome or terrifying? Great footage either way.

Midnight Music: I’ve been listening to a few different playlists of ‘60s garage rock, and it’s all proving to be very much my vibe.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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