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Video: Two massive fighters brawl during weigh ins after diaper exchange

A light heavyweight clash between Lukasz Borowski and Pawel Trybala just got a little more interesting for tomorrow night’s (Sat., Nov. 28, 2020) FEN 31 event from inside Hilton Hotel in Lodz, Poland.

While most fight fans were unaware of this pairing they may decide to tune in after seeing what transpired between Borowski and Trybala during FEN 31’s official weigh ins on Friday.

After both light heavyweights successfully hit the scale they came together for one final staredown. Things seemed normal until Borowski presented a diaper to Trybala and started to talk trash. Trybala, being the hulking fighter that he is, didn’t like the gesture and tried to slap the diaper away. That’s when Borowski pushed his adversary and the two unleashed all hell on stage.

Check out the incident above.

It’s rare that two fighters try to beat each other up at weigh ins, but it’s even more rare that one fighter hands another fighter a diaper in effort to get under his skin. I guess that’s the ultimate insult in Poland, whether it was a dirty diaper or not.

What say you, Maniacs? Would you go H.A.M. on an opponent if they handed you a diaper?

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