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Happy Thanksgiving from!

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One thing I hate about Thanksgiving (stay with me here) is that annoying family member who blindsides me at the dinner table. And yet somehow after all these years I never see it coming, which may explain my thousand-yard stare.

“So ... what do you have to be thankful for?”

Since I’m an entitled piece of trash with years of demonstrable privilege under my belt, I typically say something stupid like, “Uh ... I’m thankful that my new iPhone has that inverted-camera-thingy so I can take selfies in the bathtub.”

Not this year.

I know I speak for a lot of folks when I say 2020 was a wake-up call. Between COVID-19, the presidential election, the Australian bushfires, and even those goddamn murder hornets, I’m thankful to be alive, to have my loved ones in good health, and to be able to eat a Thanksgiving turkey.

Disposable pleasures are out, meaningful pursuits are in.

And at the risk of pandering to my audience, let me also thank the loyal readers of, even the A-holes who are only interested in wreaking havoc. Without your loyal clicks, my turkey would be 12 pounds instead of 16.

Mania Bless!

Consider this post to be our official holiday open thread and discussion. Go ahead and share news, videos, pics, funny stories — whatever (within tasteful reason) — in the comments section below, and we’ll keep this post front and center throughout the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!