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Cool gift ideas and holiday deals for 2020

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The 2020 holiday season is upon us, which means we have a little over a month to figure out how to end this tumultuous year on a high note. Not likely, with all the chaos still going on in the world (thanks COVID-19), but that shouldn't stop you from trying to spread a little holiday cheer.

Start by throwing out that Sears catalog.

Most of the world is being asked to stay home for the holidays, which means Amazon (and countless other online outlets) will be competing for your hard-earned dollar. That said, mindlessly scrolling through dozens of product pages can be a daunting task.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

To help ease some of your holiday anxiety, we’ve partnered with a handful of our long-time partners to bring you a holiday gift guide specifically curated for you, the discerning Maniac, so that you come up aces when it counts the most.

We’re making a list, you’re checking it twice.

SANABUL (@sanabul)

An eco-friendly update to your training gear ...
Product: Limited-edition Michael Bisping “Legacy Gloves
Website: Sanabul
One-time purchase: $150
Save more: Save 15 percent on your first purchase when you sign up for the newsletter!

Coming off a cotton candy-inspired pair of boxing gloves with “Sugar” Sean O’Malley, Sanabul is back with a limited edition run of “Legacy” boxing gloves. This time around, the striking equipment specialists have chosen to recognize UFC Hall of Famer Michael “The Count” Bisping and his MMA legacy. Available in a limited run of 50 pieces, these new 14-ounce hook and loop gloves feature professional-grade padding and fit, a Union Jack motif, the words “Middleweight” and “185” printed at the front, and best of all, every purchaser can send a question to Michael Bisping where he will reply is a personal video message.

Founded in 2013, Sanabul sports equipment, combat gear, and apparel are entirely vegan-friendly! A great gift for athletes of all ages that enjoy training jiu-jitsu, MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and more. A portion of all sales from 11/27-11/30 will be donated to Support + Feed. The initiative just launched and you can read more about it at Giving Back.

AsWeMove (@aswemove)

The best underwear for training ...
Product:Dominate Boxer Brief
One-time purchase: $39
Buy more, save more (Up to 20 percent): Promo codes AWM10, AWM15, AWM20

The classic boxer brief cut delivers the optimal waist placement and quad length for everyday movement. Whether you are on the move, sitting at your desk, or working up a sweat, this streamlined cut delivers to you a featherlight, barely-there experience that completely disappears under your clothes. Even your compression gear. Their featherweight, aerated design makes AsWeMove the ultimate choice whether you’re in the ring or the home gym.

Hyperice (@hyperice)

The best addition to your recovery routine ...
Product: Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth)
Special offer (save $70): $329

The new Hypervolt Plus delivers a symphony of power, performance and variability. Designed to accelerate warmup and recovery, it uses QuietGlide™ technology to deliver three speeds of rapid percussion almost silently. The quietest percussion massage device you can find, now fully connected for automated use with the Hyperice App. Whether you’re warming up for a workout, or recovering from a fight, this is the best tool on the market to reduce soreness, improve range of motion, and enhance performance.

But, don’t take our word for it, just a couple months ago, UFC named Hyperice its “Official Recovery Technology Partner,” combining the company’s technological developments with the UFC Performance Institute team of medical experts, and signing reigning women’s “double champ,” Amanda Nunes, to its athlete roster!

Athletic Greens (@athleticgreens)

The best way to start your day ...
Product:The Pouch
One-time purchase: $97
Monthly subscription (save 21 percent): $77

When we say you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive supplement, we mean it. Athletic Greens is formulated with 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients, carefully selected for high potency and bioavailability. Athletic Greens, because it is in powder form is more bioavailable than pill-based supplements. Manufactured in a TGA-registered facility in New Zealand, with strict analytical and microbiological testing and the highest quality standards. “The Pouch” provides a 30-day supply of Athletic Greens in one resealable pouch and can pretty much replace every supplement on your shelf. Did we mention it tastes great? Yeah, that too.

Pulp Culture (@pulpculturejuice)

The healthiest booze on the planet ...
Product: Mixed Case
Special Offer: $89.94 (+free shipping with promo code STAYSAFE)

All alcohol is not created equal. Pulp Culture is the epitome of a “better for you” beverage. Pulp Culture uses fresh, source-verified ingredients, resulting in a zero sugar, low calorie, “better for you” alcohol. Every blend contains only the ingredients seen on the front label of the can. It is naturally fermented, raw-pressed juice that’s sourced from local farms, and fermented for three months, yielding a naturally alcoholic and certified probiotic beverage.

This drink ensures you are getting all of the benefits that Mother Nature intended: billions of live probiotic cultures, and a vast array of beneficial vitamins and nutrients found in the plants used for fermentation.

Long story short, say goodbye to hangovers and the alcohol status quo.

Friction Labs (@frictionlabs)

The best way to improve your grip strength ...
Product:Secret Stuff Hygienic
One-time purchase: $19

Secret Stuff® Hygienic is the world’s first hygienic chalk. Made with an 80 percent ethyl alcohol base, this patent-pending, high performance, pure magnesium carbonate formula is engineered to provide unparalleled grip and reduce the spread of germs. With less dust and mess and a formula that’s shown to kill germs, Secret Stuff Hygienic takes “clean chalk” to the next level. Plus, 10 percent of proceeds of all Secret Stuff Hygienic sales will be donated to organizations working to increase diversity in sports.

Amp Human (@amphuman)

The best way to maximize your workout + recovery ...
Product: “Recovery Kit”
Special offer: $89 (+ free shipping over $49)

Powered by InnerEdge™ technology, PR Lotion is the world’s first and only lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb that improves muscle function and helps you combat fatigue during hard workouts. Get more from every training session with PR Lotion. “Recovery Kit” includes two bottles and five on-the-go packets, which when combined, support up to 35-45 workouts. For a limited time, get a free Amp Human massage ball with purchase of a “Recovery Kit.”

PlantX (@goplantx)

The best one-stop shop for the plant-based lifestyle ...
Product: Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket
Special Offer: $69.99 (+ 15 percent off site-wide from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!)

For the chocoholic in your life, there’s the PlantX Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket! This luxurious gift basket includes chocolate of all kinds, from breakfast cereal to candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, instant chocolate pudding, and more. Give your chocolate-loving loved one this holiday season a taste of premium chocolate produced responsibly. Check out the new plant-based platform’s other gift baskets or grab a gift card and treat someone special to a healthy shopping spree.

MOLECULE (@moleculesleep)

The best mattress for athletes ...
Product: “Russel Wilson Bundle
Special offer: Up to 40 percent off site-wide!

Channel your inner-athlete and give yourself the perfect night of sleep with some of Russell Wilson’s favorite MOLECULE products. Wake up feeling refreshed after sleeping on the MOLECULE AirTEC ™ Topper with our Infinity PRO Foam Pillow and Percale Performance sheets. Designed to regulate core body temperature, and ultimately give you more airflow throughout your night of sleep. Achieve your best recovery-focused sleep with Russell Wilson’s bundle and check out the other door busters MOLECULE is featuring this holiday season.

Vessel (@vesselhealth)

Take control of your health at home ...
Product: Wellness Cards
Special Offer: Varies depending on your wellness plan (daily, weekly and monthly testing memberships available).

Vessel is a new at-home wellness tracker that helps you to access, understand, and optimize your health and wellness from the comfort of home. With Vessel, you can test 10 different health metrics in less than 10 minutes for as little as $10 per card. Vessel works with some of the best doctors, nutritionists, and scientists to create its wellness cards and build food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to you based on your results. A variety of membership plans enable you to see how your diet, supplements, and lifestyle affect your body over time. With Vessel, the science of feeling great fits in the palm of your hand. It gets better ... for every test card purchased, Vessel works with Vitamin Angels to provide a month of Vitamin A and deworming to a child in need.

More Labs (@morelabs)

The best way to stay hydrated ...
Product:Lifehack Pack
Special offer: Up to 60 percent off Lifehack Packs!

This holiday season you need three things. The ability to drink without feeling like crap the next day, the energy to deal with your family, and good, solid sleep because this year has been a lot. Buy the Lifehack Pack for yourself or give it to a friend or family member who needs all the help they can get. It’s the only way to do it all.

Morning Recovery helps break down alcohol-induced toxins, so your body can flush them out faster and you can stay on your A-game the next day.

Dream Well is a natural sleep aid made with melatonin, glycine, and botanicals like lemon balm and jujube to help mellow your mind, calm your body, and boost your natural sleep hormone. Fall asleep in 30 minutes or your money back.

Liquid Focus is comparable to two cups of coffee but designed to reduce jitters and crash, our revolutionary blend of natural caffeine, l-theanine, mucuna, and huperzine A quickly sharpens focus and delivers smooth, sustainable energy.

Mud\Wtr (@drinkmudwtr)

The best way to quit coffee ...
Product: 30-day Starter Kit
One-time purchase: $40 (save 30 percent when you subscribe)
Special offer: 20 percent off site-wide from Nov. 27 to Nov. 30!

Whether you were sick of the jitters from the office Keurig or g-ma’s Celestial Seasonings wasn’t quite cutting it, MUD\WTR gives you the energy and focus in a manner that is just right. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud leans on ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and cacao to give you natural energy, focus, and immune support without having to worry about jitters or sleeping at night. With a micro-dose of caffeine and a macro-dose of functional benefits, MUD\WTR is your new best friend. A good morning ritual is the lead domino to a productive day! The Starter Kit also includes a rechargeable frother for barista-level results.

Neuro (@neurogum)

The best way to wind down ...
Product:Calm & Clarity Mints
Special offer: Six Pack (72 pieces) for $21

Neuro’s new Calm & Clarity line is formulated to optimize composure and state of mind. Expertly developed with GABA, Vitamin D3, and L-theanine, the new mints will be in your pocket and in your corner to help you take a beat when you need it most. Calm & Clarity mints come in two delicious flavor options of Honey Lemon and Ginger Chai.

Normatec (@hyperice)

Splurge for the recovery tech all the pros use ...
Special offer: Enjoy $450 off all Normatec through Nov. 30!

Vetted by UFC, NBA, NFL, MLB and PGA, the Normatec 2.0 Leg System uses dynamic air compression and patented Pulse technology to flush out soreness and bring oxygenated blood to the part of the body furthest from the heart. Normatec 2.0 works as both a high-tech warm up and a dynamic way to recover faster post workout. Not that long ago, technology like this was reserved for pro athletes and league locker rooms. Treat yourself now and your body will thank you later!

Gel Blaster SURGE (@gelblaster)

The best gift for your inner (or actual) kid ...
Product: Gel Blaster SURGE
Special offer: $10 off ($59.99)

The brand new Gel Blaster SURGE shoots biodegradable, non-toxic, water based Gellets™ with just enough sting to make it exciting. Gellets™ explode on contact and immediately begin to evaporate, leaving no mess and no clean up. Available with a complete line of accessories for enhanced game play, including custom colored fin packs, auto-resetting targets and speed loaders. Gel Blaster SURGE. Experience the Next Evolution of Fun. Grab a few and prepare yourself for endless fun with the entire family.

Happy holidays, Maniacs! If you have any questions about the products or services contained in this article just drop a note in the comments section below and we will do our best to get you swift non-answers.

Thanks for the cheese ...

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